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Wondering what Lindsay Lohan’s top 5 films were?

Lindsay Lohan was for several years the reigning queen of popular teen movies, raking in millions of dollars at the box office with every film that she starred in and becoming in the process one of the world’s most famous movie stars.

Since her 00s heyday she’s moved into more niche, independent films and has even tried her luck on the stage, starring in a production of Speed-the-Plow in London’s West End. She’s also available to book as a celebrity guest via MN2S to attend events, club nights and more.

We’ve taken a look at five of the best Lindsay Lohan films:

The Parent Trap (1998)

Starring as twins, Lohan’s on-screen debut is still a much loved children’s film, a remake of the 1961 classic which sees twins Annie and Hallie reunited in a fluke meeting at a summer camp, after being separated as babies by their divorced parents.

The children predictably play matchmaker, trying to reunite their parents before dad Nick marries his gold-digging new girlfriend, Meredith.

The jokes in the film are funny enough to stand up to adult viewers while still appealing to kids, and the classic nature of the farcical comedy means that it’s more than stood the test of time – it’s almost 20 years old.

Freaky Friday (2003)

Lindsay Lohan

Another remake of an older movie, Freaky Friday was one of Lohan’s first forays into the world of the teen movie, and was a hit when it was released.

Lindsay plays a melodramatic and moody teenager (Anna) with a controlling mother who one day finds she’s accidentally switched bodies with her. The pair have the opportunity to see the world through each other’s eyes and when they eventually manage to switch back, develop more empathy for one another.

It’s a comedy that pokes fun at the traditional mother/daughter conflicts and Anna’s brother and grandfather provide plenty of silly moments.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (2004)

This 2004 teen comedy sees the titular teenage drama queen, Lola, moving to the suburbs with her family. Desperate to impress and succeed, she succumbs to a web of lies and exaggerations in an attempt to get tickets to see her favourite band, Sid Arthur.

It’s a musical film which really makes the most of Lohan’s vocal talents, and there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. While the situation is, of course, resolved in the end, Lola learns her lesson about lying and learns to value herself for who she is, not who she wants to be.

Mean Girls (2004)

Perhaps the best loved teen movie of the last 15 years, Mean Girls has spawned in-jokes and catchphrases aplenty, many of which are still repeated to this day.

Lohan stars as Cady, a teenager who has until the film begins, been home-schooled in Africa by her parents. The high-school experience is far scarier than anything she’s experienced in the wild, and she soon realises that high school politics are pretty terrifying.

After getting in with the it clique she decides to sabotage it from the inside to give queen bee Regina George a taste of her own medicine.

It’s a classic for a reason, written by SNL veteran Tina Fey it resonates with many people, which is what makes it so funny and relatable.

Just My Luck (2006)

What happens when teen queen Lindsay Lohan teams up with teen heartthrobs McFly to make a movie? Instant success.

Just My Luck sees a fortunate young lady who always seems to land on her feet (played by Lohan) and a horribly unlucky young man for whom things always go wrong (Chris Pine) switch places after a kiss.

Disastrous consequences follow and the pair discover that their luck switches every time they kiss. Eventually Lohan’s character decides that life is more interesting without her extraordinary luck, and that Chris Pine’s character uses the luck better anyway, landing a gig with McFly (who are playing themselves.)

It’s a great romp with a cracking soundtrack that’s well worth a watch.

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