MN2S arranged television and radio host Shanie Ryan’s Question Session panel appearance at The Lighthouse in Glasgow to discuss the Scottish hip-hop and grime scene.

Launched in 2016, Question Session is a platform that aims to comprehensively educate attendees about the music industry. The free learning and networking event brings together experts from across the scene for workshops, seminars, and panels focused on innovation, education, and other current issues. Taking place on February 8 2020 at The Lighthouse in Glasgow, Scotland, many prominent names and companies were in attendance such as Ableton, Chris McGarry, Graeme Massey, and the Scottish Music Industry Organization. Panels and workshops focused on themes such as “Pathways to the Music Industry” and “Exploring the Creative Process”.

“MN2S is a music agency at heart so it was great to work on this booking and highlight Scotland’s growing hip-hop/grime scene. As Capital XTRA is a central part of the London scene, Shanie was perfectly placed to speak on how to emulate the success of the genre in Scotland.”

Flora McCluskey, Talent Agent

Television and radio personality Shanie Ryan is no stranger to the music industry. Currently a host on Capital XTRA, she’s responsible for lining up the biggest hip-hop and R&B anthems on her weekly program. She participated in the final panel of the night titled “Developing the Hip-Hop and Grime Scene” which focused specifically on the burgeoning Scottish hip-hop community. Led by Creative Scotland, this panel followed a discussion format and welcomed all contributors of the country’s rap scene. Shanie Ryan and moderator Jamie Houston joined several Glasgow musicians onstage to discuss gaining more recognition, implementing a regional infrastructure, and more ideas to help further develop the scene in the future.

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