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Why Stevo the Madman Became a Snapchat Sensation

In the age of the internet, people can become celebrities overnight – and that’s exactly what happened with Snapchat sensation Stevo the Madman. Well, that’s not quite fair – he’s also a professional footballer and has played for Leyton Orient and Boreham Wood in the past – but his real fame comes from his use of Snapchat.

Primarily used by young people, Snapchat is a social media platform which allows people to send a photograph or video which lasts for 10 seconds on the recipient’s device, then disappears. As well as taking regular photos and videos, users can add filters, text and drawings to their content, and it’s a popular way for brands to reach a younger demographic of consumers.

Why should you book Stevo the Madman?

Available to hire through our talent management agency, Stevo is a genius in the art of creating engaging, funny content in bite-sized chunks for Snapchat, and as a result he’s seen his fanbase on the platform growing at an exponential rate over recent months.

The snapchats that have made him famous aren’t executed by a professional production company or, in fact, edited at all – and that’s what his fans love about him. He’s just an ordinary guy who lives to make other people laugh – some of his funniest content entails him dancing or re-enacting scenes from films.

what can i book the MAD MAN for?

His fans, in fact are one of his most marketable assets – Stevo the Madman has a legion of fans loyal to his every move who he refers to as Spartans. It’s not just in the UK that Stevo has found fame, though, and with a fanbase spanning continents, he’s become a major influencer who brands are keen to work with.

To date he’s worked with brands including JD Sports, Iceland and Turkish Airlines, to name but a few – often taking over these brands Snapchat accounts for the day and creating content for them.

If you’re working for a business that needs to access the young, tech-savvy demographic with whom Snapchat is popular, then hiring Stevo the Madman to take over your social media accounts could be a smart move.

He’s a major influencer amongst young people and for the right brand, his name could really help to drive sales. If you’re interested in hiring Stevo the Madman, get in touch with MN2S talent agents to find out more.

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