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Always one of the most prolific producers of top TV, the UK produces some of the best, funniest and most cutting edge programmes in the world. From the excesses of Doctor Who to the popular science of David Attenborough and the comedy of Steptoe and Son, it’s always been world class.

Shameless is perhaps one of the most iconic British TV programmes of recent years, notable for its exuberant portrayal of a working class Mancunian family. It’s not one of the country’s biggest exports, mainly because no-one outside of the UK has a hope of understanding the accents or what’s going on, although a US remake was attempted.


Its provided us with some of the funniest moments on TV since the turn of the century and follows the Gallagher family and their life on a fictional council estate. Winning several BAFTAs during its run, from 2005 – 2013, it was also a proving ground for some of the most talented actors of a generation, including Maxine Peake and James McAvoy.

We’ve picked out three of the best Shameless moments for your perusal:

Jury service for Frank


Never one to work a day in his life when he could be earning something for nothing, protagonist Frank is called up for jury service in series six. Spotting an opportunity to cash in, he chooses to obstruct the jury from reaching any verdict in order to continue racking up his expenses payment for, loss of earnings. It’s an absolutely typical Frank manoeuvre and one which has some hilarious results in the jury room.


Frank and the ‘Gastric Bandits’


After Mimi hijacks the local school, Frank finds gainful employment as the caretaker of the spurious St Mimi’s School. The new funds are quickly put to good use funding Frank’s new favourite pastime – a prostitute double act named Sherilee and Derilee who are delightfully nicknamed, The Gastric Bandits. For that name alone, the episode deserves to be ranked among the funniest.




Aired at a time when child abductions were a sensitive subject, this episode in season one sees Debbie kidnapping a child from his own birthday party and dressing him up in girl’s clothing. Once the Gallaghers realise what she’s done, they’re incensed by her actions and try to return the child without incriminating themselves in the process. The episode shows the knack that writers have of talking about sensitive and current subjects in a way that is both funny and appropriate.

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