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The most popular type of after dinner speaker for an event must surely be sportsmen and women; and why not? They have fascinating stories and the endurance and drive it takes to become a top sports star is well worth talking about.

They’re far from the only people on the speaking circuit, however, and if you or your audience aren’t turned on by physical prowess, there are plenty of other options to explore. You’ll find lots of people in the entertainment business on our roster here at MN2S, from long time stars of stage and screen to up and coming YouTube vloggers.

For true foodies, however, there’s only one option that will have your guests salivating – a top TV chef can be a fun and fascinating celebrity speaker.

It’s a particularly good match with an event that’s somewhat food oriented – for instance, a sit down evening meal or a cocktail party with canapes.

Gizzi Erskine MN2S

Food is an interest that’s more or less universal, so you’ll find your celebrity guest appeals to a very wide cross-section of society; whether your audience is a fan of Kitchen Nightmares or Great British Bake Off, a good chef of any kind is sure to interest them.

And of course, it’s always less about the nitty gritty of a celebrity speaker’s life and talents, and more about the way that they deliver their talk. The process by which a chef comes up through the ranks in a kitchen, starting as a pot-washer and gradually winning more responsibility, is not dissimilar in actual fact to the rise of a sports star or business person.

All of these professions require a similar level of dedication, along with hard work and determination – traits which can easily transfer to anyone’s life. If it’s a motivational speaker you’re after for a teambuilding event or a training day, you’ll find a TV chef has all of the qualities necessary to deliver a rousing oration.

Gizzi Erskine


One of the most popular TV chefs on our books – and a national favourite – is Gizzi Erskine. Born in Dumfries in Scotland, Erskine is the second daughter of Iain Maxwell Erskine, a Baron who inherited his title from his father, a former governor of Northern Ireland.

Erskine studied at a very prestigious culinary school, Leiths School of Food and Wine, in London, after giving up a career as a body piercer. The change of tack was clearly warranted, because her cheffing career took off in the years after she left the school and she became a successful TV presenter.

This included stints on Channel 4’s Cook Yourself Thin, Cooks to Market, Drop Down Menu and a semi-regular slot on ITV’s breakfast show, This Morning.

A firm favourite of many home cooks, she’s also written for the Sunday Times and is a familiar face to anyone with a working knowledge of TV food programmes.

Warm and engaging, she’s sure to strike a chord with foodie guests and go down a treat as a celebrity speaker, talking about the parallels between the challenges of life in the kitchen with challenges in everyday life.

Hire a celebrity chef

TV chefs have a broad appeal amongst audiences and a genuine appeal – people don’t just want to know about their lives, they also want to know what their secrets are. With a really foodie audience, you could even build a Q&A session into your programme of events, ensuring that everyone gets the chance to ask the questions that they want to.

Get in touch with our friendly celebrity agents today to find out more about booking a celebrity chef. While Gizzi Erskine is a great option, she might not be quite what you’re looking for – but never fear, we’ve got hundreds of characterful celebrity speakers on the roster.

There’s sure to be someone who’s a fit for your event, whether it’s a ball, a boardroom meeting or a BBQ. Get in touch today to learn more.


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