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What are Britain’s favourite romantic comedies? It’s a question that Channel Five attempted to answer in February, with a Valentine’s special. Britain’s Favourite Romantic Comedies aired on Sunday 11th February, just three days before the special day.

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One star at MN2S talent management agency, Jamie Jewitt, has a starring role in the show – along with his girlfriend Camilla Thurlow. The pair met on Love Island in 2017, and have quickly become one of the nation’s favourite pairings. The couple even headed out to a Greek refugee camp together, following the end of the show, to volunteer with people affected by the ongoing refugee crisis.

The format of the show included clips from the movies as well as clips from celebrity presenters like Jamie and Camilla. It shared some fascinating behind-the-scenes facts from the filming of some of our best loved soppy flicks…

Home Secretary Amber Rudd cast extras for Four Weddings and a Funeral

Not so little-known, this fact made headlines when it was revealed earlier in the year. The UK’s current Home Secretary, no-nonsense Conservative MP Amber Rudd, worked on the 1990s classic Four Weddings and a Funeral.

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She told the Guardian, “A friend of a friend called up and said: ‘We’re making a small British film and we can’t afford to pay extras and what we need is some people in some smart wedding outfits hanging out at weddings’.

“I think I was about the fourth or fifth person they asked so I said: ‘How much will you pay these people?’ And bearing in mind this was 23 years ago, he said to me: ‘We’ll pay them £100 a day’. I said: ‘Well, no problem.’

“So it worked out that if you wanted to put on a smart frock or wedding outfit of some form and call a number, [I] could arrange for you to have 100 a day to hang out in the background of a small British film, that’s what I did. They made up that particular title [aristocracy coordinator] – not ideal for someone who went into politics, I have to say.”

Renee Zellweger’s English accent

Bridget Jones Actress Renee Zellweger is said to have kept up her English accent on and off-camera for the entire shoot of the first film.

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Actress Felicity Montagu told viewers of Britain’s Favourite Romantic Comedy, “The first time I’d heard Rene speaking in her native accent was at the premiere… it was amazing, I just said ‘this is hard to take, this is really strange’ and she said ‘I know”

Ten Things I Hate About You poem

Eventually voted the nation’s favourite rom-com, Ten Things I Hate About You features a famous scene in which actress Julia Stiles reads a poem to her beau, played by Heath Ledger.

The programme revealed that the emotional scene didn’t originally involve Julia crying, but that she was overwhelmed by emotion in the moment.

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