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Three books by Dylan Jones’ that every music lover should read

Dylan Jones is a prolific writer; editor in chief of the popular men’s magazine GQ, he’s also written for and edited i-D and the Sunday Times, among other publications. That’s not the extent of his talents, however – as well as being one of the UK’s best respected journalists, he’s also a popular author, writing about a variety of subjects.

Starting his career not in the written word but in graphic design, film and photography, Jones attended the Chelsea School of Art and Saint Martin’s School of Art in London, both extremely prestigious institutions.


His career marks an impressive trajectory – just a year after entering the world of journalism in 1983 Jones became editor of the edgy fashion publication i-D, and editing some of the industry’s biggest fashion magazines before moving into more mainstream journalism with The Observer magazine and The Sunday Times.

He came on board as Editor for GQ in 1999 and brought with him a cohort of some of the biggest names in magazine journalism, including AA Gill, Will Self and Dominic Lawson. Since then he has won many awards for both his leadership and his journalism, and continues to helm GQ – In 2013 he was also awarded an OBE for services to the publishing and fashion industries.

We’ve picked out three of the best books in this prodigious celebrity talent’s back catalogue – although it was a tough decision!

The Eighties: One Day, One Decade


In this book Dylan takes the inspired tack of telling the story of the eighties through the events of Saturday 13th July 1985 – the day of the Live Aid concert. It was a once in a lifetime event in popular culture, and as editor of i-D and The Face, Dylan was in the middle of it all during the ‘80s.

Rather than being a dry history tome about the decade beginning in 1980, The Eighties: One Day, One Decade combines the author’s personal reminiscences with factual information about music, fashion, politics and the media to create a vibrant picture of this most extravagant of decades.

Jones poses the idea that the Live Aid concert was a kind of turning point for the Eighties, in which everything changed overnight. It might be overstating the case somewhat, but it’s certainly true that it forced a paradigm shift in UK attitudes, in many respects.

It’s a fascinating book that’s well worth picking up for any pop-culture geek.

Elvis Has Left the Building


At the front and centre of Dylan Jones’ world is music, and this is reflected in the many biographies of musicians that he was written – in fact he has barely written a book which does not touch on music.

Elvis Has Left the Building is a sensitive look at the death one of the music industry’s most famous and tragic stars, and how the loss of the prototype rockstar coincided with the rise in Great Britain of the punk movement.

It’s a must-read for fans of the King, who will find the account of how Elvis single-handedly changed the trajectory of music and popular culture both insightful and reliably familiar.

iPod, therefore I am


Once more, the charm of this book is that it marries factual insight and history with Dylan’s own memories in order to take a look at the iPod, a device which altered how we listen to music forever.

Although it’s a little dated now – it was released in 2006 before the all-consuming rise of the smartphone – it’s still a very interesting read. Focusing on things including the invention and marketing by Apple of the device, as well as on the musical heroes of Jones himself and the ease with which one can now listen to songs on an album out of order, it’s a joyful romp through Dylan’s musical background that’s a very fun read.

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