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Find Out More On These Two Great Books To Pick Up This Spring

As well as being talented celebrity speakers, many of the people on our talent roster here at MN2S have put pen to paper and written books – including some that are well worth a read. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction that floats your boat, we’ve got a couple suggestions for brilliant books worth getting stuck into this spring below.

Dylan Jones – Elvis Has Left the Building

One of the most prolific authors that we represent, Dylan Jones made his name as the editor of mens’ magazine GQ in the UK, but has also worked for publications as varied as the Sunday Times and i-D.

Music is where his passion lies, and many of the books that he has published centre on this; from biographies to a memoir of his own personal musical history – but Jones has also published books about war heroes and former prime minister David Cameron.

Elvis Has Left the Building is his biography about The King, which focuses on the last years of his life and the ideological clashes between the music that he made and punk, which was very much on the rise at that time.

The synopsis says, “ In Elvis Has Left the Building, Dylan Jones takes us back to those heady days around the time of his death and the rise of punk. He evokes the hysteria and devotion of The King’s numerous disciples and imitators, offering a uniquely insightful commentary on Elvis’ life, times and outrageous demise. This is a fresh account, written with the author’s customary panache, recounting how Elvis single-handedly changed the course of popular music and culture, and what his death meant and still means to us today.”

Fatima Bhutto – The Shadow of the Crescent Moon

Afghani-born Fatima Bhutto is the product of a family torn apart by war; her grandfather, uncle and mother were all murdered or executed for their political beliefs when she was a child, and her father when she was just 14.

A member of a powerful political dynasty in Pakistan, she first became known for her writing when she published her first collection of poetry at the age of 15. After an exceptional academic career at two of the world’s best universities she began to publish non-fiction writing about her childhood and the political situation in Pakistan.

The Shadow of the Crescent Moon marks Bhutto’s first departure into the world of fiction, and follows the fortunes of three men taking very different paths in life, and the women who love them.

The synopsis says: “Three brothers meet for breakfast. Soon after, the eldest, recently returned from America, hails a taxi to the local mosque. The second, a doctor, goes to check in at his hospital. And the youngest, the idealist, leaves for town on a motorbike. Three hours later their day will end in devastating circumstances.

“The Shadow of the Crescent Moon chronicles the lives of five young people trying to live and love in a world on fire. Individuals are pushed to make terrible choices. And, as the events of this single morning unfold, one woman is at the centre of it all.”

Book an author

Authors are, by merit of their talent for words, exceptional public speakers, and booking a writer as a celebrity speaker can also be a great way to add some class to your event. Whether you hire a celebrity author to simply read an excerpt from one of their books or ask them to talk about a specific topic, they can be captivating to listen to. You can even add value to your event by including a Q&A, book signing or the opportunity to meet the author.

Both Fatima and Dylan would make excellent celebrity guests at any event so if you’re interested in booking either of these prodigious talents, contact MN2S talent agency today.

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