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Why You Need to be Tuning-in With Simon Mayo

Simon Mayo is one of the nation’s best loved broadcasters – and for good reason. He’s been a staple of the BBC radio schedule since the 1980s and now presents the popular drivetime show on BBC Radio 2.

One of several broadcasters on the books at our talent management agency, over the years Simon has had many great moments on air and off air, from the serious to the silly. Check out three of his best broadcasting moments below:

Radio broadcaster of the Year

bbc radio 2 presenter simon mayo

In 2008, Simon was named the speech broadcaster of the year at the Sony Radio Academy Awards, where he was commended for his ability to: “paint colourful pictures of location and event and his ability to bring the very best out of his guests, encouraging conversation and interaction between them while skilfully nudging and controlling them”.

His show has, too, been recognised for its ability to mix light hearted moments with more serious topics, and it is surely Mayo’s consummate professionalism which allows him to do this.


A regular slot on Mayo’s drivetime show is the confessions slot, in which members of the public send in confessions that they haven’t shared with anyone else they know to be read out live on air. Ranging from the somewhat serious to the supremely daft, one confession in particular made headlines when it caused Simon to corpse live on air.

The listener painted a vivid picture of the very large baby that their family had been looking after, then recalled how they had turned away for a moment only to find the baby sucking on a large, meaty hoof, purchased for the family dog. As Mayo tells the story, he collapses into hysterical laughter, or as it’s known in the business, corpses.

37 hours for Comic Relief

As a stalwart of BBC programming it was only a matter of time before Simon Mayo was roped into pulling off some kind of stunt for Comic Relief, and in 1997 he took on the challenge of broadcasting for 37 hours solid in order to raise money for the charity.

It was part of a bigger effort for Red Nose Day to break a record every 45 minutes throughout the day, and Mayo started at 9am on Thursday 11th March and continued to broadcast until 11pm the following day. The world record remained his until Chris Moyles broke it more than a decade later, in 2011.

Book a celebrity like Simon Mayo

If you’re thinking of booking a celebrity for an event that you’re planning, Simon Mayo could be a great choice; he’s charming, charismatic and makes a great presenter or host for all sorts of occasions. If you’d like to find out more about when he’s available and how to book, get in touch today.

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