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Five Of Sally Phillips’ Funniest Moments

Sally Phillips is a true national treasure, offering her audiences more laugh-out-loud moments than most. A prolific actress, TV presenter and comic, she’s been on our screens for more than 20 years, and we haven’t tired of her yet!

Born in Hong Kong, Phillips went to Oxford and became a member of the prestigious Oxford Revue. It wasn’t long before she was a household name thanks to the runaway success of Smack the Pony, a show which she both wrote and starred in.

In recent years she’s been best known for her appearances in Miranda, as the titular character’s old boarding school friend, Tilly. Never one to waste the opportunity to make her audience laugh, Phillips has written and starred in the programmes which have produced the most hilarious moments on British television for over 20 years – check out five of her best moments below:

Tilly pours custard into her pants

The inimitable Tilly in Miranda is perhaps most famous for asking everyone to ‘bear with’ while she uses her phone, but this moment from the show is pure comedy slapstick. After promising to pour custard down her pants if Miranda attends a party with a boyfriend she has her bluff called and has to follow through on her promise. What’s not to love?

Green Wing buzzer

Green Wing is viewed by many as one of the best instances of British comedy in the last decade, and Sally Phillips played Doctor Holly Hawkes in the programme. Her relationship with Dr Macartney is a major plot point in the series, and she eventually leaves in disgrace after it turns out that their son together is in fact another man’s child.

In this clip Sue, sick of Holly talking about her child and relationships decides to press a buzzer every time Sally mentions something relating to those topics, to great comedic effect.

The best of Smack The Pony

Smack The Pony was one of Sally’s first writing and acting endeavours – a sketch show in which she played various characters. It was an enormous success when it debuted in 1999 on Channel 4 thanks to a quirky blend of observational comedy and surrealism. This clip brings together some of Phillips’ best ever moments on the show, including a series of surreal clips featuring a bride doing everyday tasks, and a job interview which ends with an Irish jig!

Meet Pandora’s mother

Skins was a TV show which captured a generation of British young people with its over the top caricatures of teenagers in Bristol. The character of Pandora first appeared in the third season of the hit show, and in episode four viewers were introduced to her mother, Angela.

Sally Phillips’ turn as a neurotic, over-protective mother who’s disconnected from reality and passing her worldview on to her naive daughter is a perfect example of what comic timing she has, encouraging her daughter’s friends to bake brownies together while one of said friends slips hard drugs into the mixture.

Sally as Minna Hakkinen

Veep is perhaps the biggest political comedy in the US, and Sally made an appearance as the unflappable Finnish Prime Minister on a number of occasions. The character has an inability to understand the jokes made by Selina, then Vice President of the USA, and Phillips plays the deadpan Fin impeccably.

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