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We’ve picked out three top golfers on the books here at MN2S who are available to hire for all sorts of occasions.

While most sports are better watched live and in person, golf is one of the few that it can be argued is better on TV. Sure, you may forfeit some of the atmosphere, but you also get to see shots from exactly the right angle every time. With such small balls, replays are useful, and TV cameras can cut between different views and different games to keep the viewing interesting.

It does, however, mean that many golf fans never get to see their heroes in the flesh – and by booking a golfer for Christmas entertainment or at any other time of year, you could provide a real draw to an event you’re organising.

Golf is one sport that has a lot in common with Marmite – people either love it, or they hate it. If you’re planning an event for a demographic of golf lovers, booking a golfer as a celebrity speaker is an obvious choice – but they can be interesting choices even for non aficionados.

Sportspeople in general often have interesting roads to success, and the hurdles that they have overcome to achieve that are often fascinating – golfers are no exception.

Sam Torrance

One of the old guard of British golfers, Sam Torrance was at the top of his game in the ‘80s and ‘90s, despite turning professional in the 1970s. During a glittering career he was not only one of the biggest names in the sport in the UK, but maintained an international reputation.

Sam Torrnace mn2s

In part, this was down to his victory in the Ryder Cup team in 1985 – beating the American team for the first time in over three decades. In total, he took part in an impressive eight Ryder Cup events and took home the trophy another three times after 1985 – in 1987, 1989 and 1995.

Throughout his career, Torrance was never far from the top of the rankings, and has also found success in senior tournaments. As a player, commentator and TV personality, his breadth of experience makes him a fascinating speaker by whom any audience will be captivated.

Ian Woosnam

Nicknamed the ‘wee Welshman’, Ian Woosnam was a giant in the world of golf during his time as a player, and continues to find success as an after dinner speaker.

Bulkier than the average professional golfer, rumour had it that Woosnam’s imposing frame was as a result of working as a labourer on the family farm as a youngster – in particular, moving hay bales.

His inauspicious roots meant that he spent his early years as an aspiring professional golfer travelling in a campervan and eating baked beans to stay solvent. Luckily for him, his luck soon changed and Woosnam became one of the biggest names of a generation. His Welsh charm and charisma make him a great choice of celebrity guest.

Gregory Bourdy

Still competing as a professional golfer today, Gregory Bourdy scored his first ever tour win just ten years ago, when he took the title in the Mallorca Classic. Since then his career has blossomed and he’s beaten big names like Rory McIlroy to the title on more than one occasion.

Gregory Bourdy mn2s

A consistent player with a beautiful knack for playing the game, Bourdy is still an active competitor, recently winning top 10 rankings in Austria, South Africa, Malaysia and Qatar.

He’s a personable speaker with a true insight into the game of golf, and his up to the minute knowledge of the game makes him a great choice of speaker for golf buffs.

Hire a celebrity golfer

If you’d like to book any of the brilliant golfers on the books here at MN2S to appear at an event, get in touch today to find out more.

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