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One of the most common characteristics that clients look for when they’re booking a speaker is someone who’s inspirational. There’s barely an audience out there to whom someone who has triumphed over huge adversity isn’t fascinating – whether it’s people at a charity gala, employees at a work function or delegates at a conference.

Inspirational people can help to motivate audiences; in some instances you might be hoping that they’ll open their cheque books and donate to your cause – in others you’ll simply be hoping to motivate your employees to work harder and improve productivity for your business.

Here at MN2S we’re lucky enough to have a wealth of fantastic speakers on the books, including some whose personal stories are incredibly inspiring. Check out three inspirational celebrities you’ll find on the roster here, then get in touch to book a celebrity with a real story:


Katie Piper


Katie was an aspiring model when, in 2009 at the age of 24, she was the victim of a brutal attack involving physical violence and having acid thrown in her face. A year on from the attack, whilst still in recovery, Katie appeared on the Channel 4 documentary Katie: My Beautiful Face.

It was an appearance which propelled her into the celebrity sphere, and the BAFTA nominated documentary was seen by 3.5 million people around the UK. Katie’s incredible resilience has seen her found a charity which helps people suffering from burns and other scars to reconnect with their local community with help from patron Simon Cowell, and she helped to improve awareness of the terrible repercussions of acid attacks.

Since appearing in the documentary, Katie’s bubbly personality and infectious positivity have ensured she’s in constant demand as a presenter and commentator, and she’s sure to win over any audience that she meets.


The Brownlee Brothers


One of 2016’s hottest talking points was the World Triathlon series in Mexico – not because of who won or lost but because of one of the greatest acts of sportsmanship ever.

Brothers Jonny and Alistair Brownlee are already famous for their domination of the triathlon discipline – they regularly take two of the three podium spots at events on the international stage.

At last year’s event, Jonny Brownlee was ahead but struggling during the last few metres of the race. Despite the opportunity to win the race he stopped and helped his brother across the line instead, an act of selflessness which claimed newspaper headlines across the world.

These remarkable brothers show exceptional strength of character as well as prowess in their chosen sport, making the duo an excellent choice of celebrity talent at any event.


Serena Williams


Undoubtedly the greatest living tennis player, Serena Williams and her sister Venus have dominated women’s tennis for over a decade. Serena’s long list of Grand Slam titles speaks for itself, as does her instantly recognisable name – but earlier this year it emerged that she’d gone even further in her quest to be the best.

In January Serena won the Australian Open (her 23rd Grand Slam) but a few months later it emerged that she had in fact done so in the first trimester of pregnancy. That’s right, while many women would have been struggling to keep crackers down, Serena was completing an endurance feat that’s impressive for someone not carrying a baby.

For empowering female speakers, it doesn’t get much better – although she might be a bit busy for speaking engagements over the next few months!


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An inspiring speech can be the most memorable part of an evening, so booking one of our fantastic speakers is an investment in the quality of your event. To book one of the celebrities in this article, or any other celebrity speakers on the roster, contact an MN2S talent agent.

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