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When you’re looking at working with a celebrity agency, it’s true that there’s a good amount of choice out there. But how do you know that you’re working with genuine professionals who will cater to your exact requirements and deliver a seamless service securing the perfect celebrity for your event? If you’re looking in London, there are a few things you should expect when dealing with a bookings agency. Want to know more? See our advice below:

24/7 service

Talent agency availability

Being available when needed is the mark of a great agency

So you’ve booked the celebrity and you’ve got a last minute question. You need some support and guidance on the night from the agency – but when you call, no-one’s at home.A good talent agency should be there for you all day, every day – but especially if you have a question, query or something you need help with – however small. With MN2S, the service doesn’t stop with the booking and money having exchanged hands. We’re there for you every step of the way right through to making sure we’ve got your feedback post-event.

Excellent nationwide and global connections

Pamela Anderson and Hulk Hogan

A good London Talent Agency should be able to source overseas stars too

A good London agency should have contacts and reach up and down the country – but also overseas. With books full of influential people living near and far, it’s important that the agency you use has a good grasp of time-zones, is organised to a tee and has a good cultural knowledge too. They need to be able to appreciate the logistics and timescales attached to your event and booking someone from another location – so that they can ensure everything runs smoothly. At MN2S, we have celebrities based both here in the UK and abroad – so we know how crucial it is to ensure that everyone knows what they’re doing, when and where – whether that’s for a local job or if it involves a long haul flight. Two of our US based clients for instanace – Hulk Hogan and Pamela Anderson, are widely regarded as great entertainment both in their native country and the UK.

The best talent around

Vinnie Jones

Footballer turned actor Vinnie Jones is just one of our famous faces

Eventually, what your choice often comes down to is whom you want to book. If you find the talent roster a little lacking in talent – or full of names you don’t recognise, then perhaps this isn’t the agency for you. A long, impressive list of celebrity clients screams ‘professional’ and ‘reliable’ and most importantly, it enables you to snare the person you really wanted for your event. Booking names such as N-Dubz, Vinnie Jones, and George Takei to name but a few, will really spark interest from your prospective guests.

A vibrant, energetic ethos

Checklist Talent Agency

Always check the agency is committed to providing what you need

A tired company often produces tired results. You should get a good impression of your London agency’s ethos and brand identity by Googling them and browsing their own site and any marketing or press coverage they’ve obtained for themselves or their clients. You want to do business with a company who are enthusiastic and love what they do – despite having been in the game for plenty of years. Often choosing a talent agency with this type of approach can result in a transfer of innovation and creativity to your event – so you get added value without even paying extra for it.

Ambitious staff buzzing with enthusiasm

Talent Agency Staff

A great agency hires only the best staff

Passionate about what they do, passionate about the people they work with, passionate about your event.Excellent staff is what make a good company – they’re the building blocks to success and without them,a company can flounder. You want to feel as though the staff you encounter at your talent agency are just as excited asyou are about your upcoming booking. London is a competitive environment when it comes to employment – so if the people you’re dealing with (from reception to management – no matter what level) aren’t quite up to scratch, then maybe it’s time to look elsewhere.

Professionalism and experience 

London Talent Agency

London is the home to many stars, so choosing the right agency is paramount

It may go without saying – but these two things are of course crucial when it comes to handing over money for any type of service – but especially in the entertainment industry.Even in the capital city, certain entertainment businesses appear to have lost these assets – using the industry as an excuse for poor service and shoddy work. When you’re working with a London talent agency, you should expect to be working with a company at the top of its game. Being based in London comes with a certain responsibility – so in addition to the above, you want to feel as though you’re in safe, capable hands at all stages. No hidden fees, no cloak and dagger tactics, no wild unsubstantiated claims. If you encounter any of these, then you definitely should be asking questions.

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