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Where once it was pop divas and movie stars who helped brands to sell their products, these days the goalposts have moved. YouTube content creators are hot property, with big names like Zoella and Joe Sugg collaborating with brands on product lines and earning millions promoting brands on their YouTube channels.

For PR and marketing departments, the change also represents a huge change in ways of working. Glossy ad campaigns have been replaced with carefully negotiated deals to appear in ‘native’ content on an influencer’s blog, channel or social media profile. So just what can a YouTube content creator offer your brand, and how can you secure a partnership with a high-profile content creator?

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Working with influencers and content creators

A decade ago, when a celebrity endorsed a product it was usually in the form of an advertising campaign; think Kate Moss and Rimmel London or Justin Timberlake and McDonalds. It was a time-honoured approach, and one which helped consumers to remember an advert and the product that it was advertising. On the other hand, it was also blatantly obvious that the advert was a paid collaboration, diminishing the credibility of a celebrity endorsement.

And that’s where the real beauty of collaborating with a content creator or influencer can come in. Although behind the scenes, the same deals and agreements are being forged, to the consumer a YouTube celebrity endorsing your product can seem much more natural. Legally, paid collaborations must be marked as such, but because they can be indistinguishable from non-sponsored content, it’s a much easier sell for the consumer.

For instance, many YouTube content creators shoot haul videos, in which they talk about their recent purchases and products that they are enjoying, be it food or makeup. An advertiser can easily strike a deal to have a product appear in a haul video, and an experienced content creator will slip it into the video in a natural way. Some smaller content creators will even promote a product in return for some freebies, making it a cost-effective option for many brands.

How to partner with a content creator

Setting up a partnership with a YouTube content creator or blogger couldn’t be easier; just like arranging a partnership with any other celebrity, you can get in touch via their talent agency.

MN2S has a great track record of setting up partnerships and collaborations; in recent months we’ve paired up comedy content creator ShadCom with Big Narstie. The comedy youtuber’s choirgirl series, in which the character of a well spoken choirgirl covers urban music tracks, had a boost from the rapper’s cameo in her video, and Big Narstie too benefitted from the exposure.

MN2S content creators

If you’re looking for a partnership with a YouTube content creator, there are plenty on the books here at MN2S, including ShadCom and Hannah Witton. For more information on working with a YouTuber, get in touch today.

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