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Bishop Nehru interviewed for XXL Magazine

Hip-hop artist and producer Bishop Nehru spoke to one of America's foremost hip-hop publications about the release of his latest album, "Nehruvia: My Disregarded Thoughts."

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Our Music PR Services

As a modern music PR agency, we combine traditional methods with digital outreach. With an extensive network of media connections and 25 years of experience in the music industry, we can promote your music through coverage in print media, radio and television.



The cornerstone of any effective PR strategy is press coverage. We obtain both national and regional exposure in respected publications that are appropriate for your style, audience and aesthetic, ensuring that our reach is both sufficiently broad and suitably targeted.


We can secure airplay on a broad range of radio stations, from national platforms to regional stations. In addition to ensuring your music is heard by their listeners, we regularly arrange interviews that give audiences a deeper insight into your work.


Our content team will develop bespoke press releases for your single, EP, or album release, working with you to capture the essence of your music in words. As experienced music publicists with industry-specific expertise, we’re able to grab the attention of the music world’s most influential platforms.

Music Media We Work With

We have extraordinary relationships with media outlets across the music industry. This translates into sensational coverage and wide-ranging exposure for every client we work with.


Work with us
BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 1 Extra
CLASH Magazine
Brick Magazine
Q Magazine
DJ Mag
Dummy Magazine
NTS Radio
Hip Hop DX
Magnetic Mag
DJ Booth

Plus many more...

Our Music PR Specialities

Unlike many music PR firms, our team forms part of an international music and talent agency that’s been part of the global music industry for 25 years. Drawing from a wealth of expertise and a vast network of connections, we’re ideally positioned to promote music creatively, confidently and effectively.



Though our team is capable of putting together successful campaigns for any genre, we’re particularly experienced within the world of electronic music, and represent some of dance music’s biggest names. Our long-standing connections within the industry place us high above other music PR firms.


We work with a range of clients, from globally recognised stars to independent musicians promoting their debut single. The scope of our campaigns is tailored to your profile: our services are instrumental in launching the careers of independent artists at the beginning of their journey.


With a roster that includes legendary figures from hip-hop, trap and grime, we have inside knowledge and cultural awareness that enables us to craft PR campaigns designed specifically for urban music. We target publications that appeal to a young and cosmopolitan audience to achieve maximum results.

Musicians we work with

Our music PR clients span almost every genre, from pop and EDM to trap and indie. Open to working with artists at any stage of their career, we can help to launch the career of an aspiring artist or maintain the high profile of an established name.


Work with the team
Inaya Day | Artist
Nicky Jam | Artist
Bishop Nehru | Artist
Dat Brass | Band
Blackstreet | Artist
Fatman Scoop | Artist
General Levy | Artist
Brother May | Artist
Jack Walton | Artist
N-Trance | Group
Sweet Female Attitude | Artist
DJ Spen | DJ
MadeByMagic | Artist
Keisha White | Artist

Plus many more...

Why use us?

We’re not your average music PR firm. As part of an international music and talent agency, we make use of our experience, connections and creativity to provide an exceptional service that’s unrivalled within our field.



MN2S has been at the forefront of the global music industry for 25 years. With decades of experience behind us, we’ve developed the skills, knowledge and passion it takes to provide outstanding service, delivering phenomenal results with every campaign.


Our PR services take advantage of the comprehensive network of contacts that we’ve built since we opened our doors in 1995. From editors and journalists to radio hosts and DJs, we have the connections to get your music noticed and the influence to back it up.


As a music agency, creativity lies at the heart of everything we do. Our approach to PR is underpinned by this creative spirit, and our passion for music fuels our enthusiasm for every campaign we put together and every client that we take on board.

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