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At MN2S, our social media strategy plans are founded upon time-tested methods and techniques that are proven to grow your following, improve your credibility and boost your brand.



Before commencing a social media campaign, we undertake detailed research into not only our clients, but their audience and competitors, in order to tailor and target our social media strategy to be as effective as possible.


The key to getting attention on social media is creativity. Before planning, we immerse ourselves in your work in order to produce creative content that authentically reflects your aesthetic, brand, values and core message.


Any successful social media strategy plan needs to be carefully prepared before implementation. Before posting any content, we create structured and detailed action plans that outline the fundamental goals of the campaign and how they will be achieved.



  1. Prepare as much as possible before making your first post.

  2. Research both your target audience and your biggest competitors.

  3. Think long and hard about what you want to achieve from your social media strategy.

  4. Get technical – take advantage of every technological tool available.

  5. Create a detailed action plan that will guide you through your campaign.

  6. Partner with a social media management agency to help you implement your strategy successfully.

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Do you work across more than one social media channel?

Yes we do. We can manage your profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, SoundCloud, LinkedIn and Pinterest. We will help you select the most suitable channels for your audience and your goals.

How do you charge for your social media management services?

We charge a set monthly fee if you want on-going support. This is calculated based on how many channels you want us to manage and what your overall goals are.  

For managing stand-alone social media campaigns, we charge a fixed project fee.

How do you measure the impact of your social media services?

In our initial briefing we will agree with you what you want to achieve and how we can measure the performance of our services in relation to your goals. We then use social media analytics to measure the reach and response to specific social media campaigns and to track what type of posts or interactions work best in getting you closer to those goals.

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