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Why isn’t your band’s social media strategy getting the results you want?

  • Your band is not posting frequently enough 
  • Your posts are inconsistent and lack cohesion 
  • Your band is posting irrelevant content     
  • You don’t fully engage with your fanbase
  • Your band is focusing on the wrong platforms  

Social Media Tips For Bands

Social media has become an essential part of marketing for independent artists. It can give your band direct access to existing fans while the helping to reach new ones, providing an important opportunity to establish partnerships with brands. In today’s music industry, it is vital for your success to use social media to build your brand as a band.

How to Improve Your DIY Band’s Social Media Presence  

Your band’s social media account may be lacking engagement due to a lack of frequent posts. Bands must post frequently in order to build a loyal following. Fans need to know what your band is doing, whether that’s touring, recording in the studio, or just promoting an upcoming project. The less you post on your accounts, the less people will want to follow and engage. 

MN2S Social Media Management will work with your band to develop a creative, bespoke and highly efficient social media strategy. We will make sure your accounts are running on a consistent posting schedule so that your fans will be encouraged to engage. Our Social Media Management team will develop strategies that will elevate your band and increase your following. These include contests and giveaways that target relevant social media users resulting in engagement. We also monitor your post activity and respond to your followers. Our goal is to make your band appear accessible and encourage your fans to engage with your band’s posts.

A frequent mistake made in strategy concerning social media for DIY bands is giving all band members access to their accounts. If multiple people are posting on the accounts, your posts will lack consistency and cohesion, and may include content that is irrelevant. Allowing MN2S Social Media Management to manage your accounts will ensure only relevant content will be posted. We focus on high quality content, achieving a cohesive overall aesthetic that will strengthen your image. This will result in loyal followers who will return to your profiles and share your content. We also ensure that your posts align with your values and will sound authentic.

Tips for Promoting Your Band – Social Media for DIY Bands

Once you have established a presence on social media, your DIY band can use these platforms for promotion. In addition to posting on your account, we will also create and manage sponsored posts on all social media platforms that will attract more followers. Bands often waste time and money by focusing on the wrong social media platforms. It is important to know what platforms your fans use the most frequently. MN2S Social Media Management uses advanced analytics to track the feedback from your audience across multiple platforms and tailor our strategy accordingly. These insights can be highly valuable in building your following and increasing your reach.

Band Social Media Ideas to Generate Income for your Latest Project

DIY bands must generate income in order to fund their projects. Social media can be a great tool for this, however many bands struggle to find success. MN2S Social Media Management will help you build relationships with brands and companies that could potentially your band for promotions and product endorsements. We will also take care of the contracts while creating and posting the promotional content. 

MN2S Social Media Management will also help your band increase ticket sales. We geo-target audiences so that your content adapts to different regions, maximising the effect your social media will have in all the right places across the globe. We can control where and when your sponsored posts will appear, helping to fine-tune your social media strategy and get the results you want from social media.

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