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In the post-Myspace era, genre fusions are par for the course and are synthesised incredibly quickly once their constituent parts are established. Back in the ‘80s, things took a little longer to fuse – but in hip-house, the era created one of the earliest such musical meeting of worlds.

Reflecting the more eclectic nature of DJ sets of the time, the late-’80s craze for combining the house template with rap preempted what has happened with EDM and urban music colliding in recent years by at least two decades. It was perhaps a more visionary development than many could have realised at the time.

When it comes to authentic hip-house, few have kept the torch burning with as much conviction and dedication as Mr. V. Through huge club anthems like ‘Da Bump’ and ‘Shake Shit Up’, he has shown that the underground can continue to eek out its own take on the fusion. We asked him to give his Top 10 Hip-House Classics for a little history lesson.

10. Mr. Lee – I Can’t Forget (1987)

Wow! This was massive along with the label. The lyrics weren’t that strong but trust me back then… it was enough.

9. Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam (1990)

I mean…. c’mon… this list would not be complete without this record. Heavy, heavy, HEAVY.

8. Rare Arts – Boriqua Arts (1991)

Then came the ‘90s and hip-house was still going strong and this jingle was big in the NYC club scene and made a strong impact.

7. Maurice – This Is Acid (1988)

I mean seriously? Should I explain this record? OK… it was HUGE! Those jackin’ beats and vocals raps only made it a classic!

6. Kraze – The Party (1988)

Todd Terry the undeniable king of house music – especially hip-house – made this stand out for hip-housers nationwide on dance floors with this hip-house vocal attack track.

5. KC Flight – Let’s Get Jazzy (1989)

Yes, me and Louie Vega remade the track – but this is the original where it all came from. I was so inspired by this track and the attitude and the vocal attack by KC. There isn’t much of a rap but the hip-hop aggressive style of KC is what makes this a hip-house classic.

4. Doug Lazy – Let The Rhythm Pump (1989)

This is yet another hit from the man who helped shape the foundation of hip-house. Another massive house anthem from Doug Lazy.

3. The Jungle Brothers – I’ll House You (1989)

Many will argue as to why this isn’t Number 1 on my list but it’s def in my Top 3! Forever a timeless house music classic. Even now it does major damage on any system and dancefloor.

2. Two Without Hats – The Breeze (1990)

The rhymes and delivery here back then were on point. Again take into consideration that hip-hop and house music were not very accomplished but Two Without Hats had a few tracks with their hip-house style that would make a major impact in the house music world.

1. Kyze – Stomp (1989)

A massive NYC hip-house underground classic and huge club dance hit, ‘Stomp’ is what made me love hip-house and made me believe that one day this style and genre will eventually reach the pop charts – and in 2014 it has.

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