08 January 2018

Little Boots rounded off 2017 with a widely-acclaimed ‘Burn’ mixtape, featuring music from the female DJs who had inspired her throughout the year, as well as two tracks from her upcoming EP of the same name. Speaking to The Fader, the artist said, ‘I think it’s an exciting time for women in music and especially dance music, and I’m looking forward to seeing where 2018 takes us!’

Listen to Little Boots’ Burn mixtape here:

In keeping with this theme, the Burn EP has been entirely produced by women. This includes all music and visuals. Two of its tracks were premiered on the Burn mixtape, ‘Shadows’ produced by Joyce Muniz, and ‘Picture’ produced by Lauren Flax. Both of these were mixed by recent Björk collaborator Marta Salogni.

The EP so far had a tentative release of ‘early 2018’, but it has since been confirmed that it is coming next month. Head over to Little Boots’ website in the meantime to hear the Burn mix, and see some of the striking imagery.

To say the EP is highly-anticipated would be an understatement. Little Boots is one of the most exciting artists in the world right now, which is why she earned a place on our ones to watch in 2018 list. The Burn EP release is just the beginning.

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Little Boots

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