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The MN2S booking agency live and DJ rosters are home to many established legends, but they also house the latest and greatest up and coming talent on the music scene. These are the artists who will reach new heights in 2018.

1. Catchment

UK bass and house DJ & production duo Catchment have been making waves on the underground scene all year. Their single ‘Wanna’ on Love & Other Records racked up an astonishing one million Spotify streams after a few short months.

Their latest track ‘Kornastone’ was recently released on Eton Messy Records’ seasonal Autumn/Winter compilation, acting as a springboard for even better things in the spring/summer. Their collaboration with Eton Messy also extended to a performance at the label’s East London Halloween show in October. With support from such an influential label and the raw talent to back it up, there’s no doubt we’ll see big things from Catchment in the new year.

2. Fullmarx

Fullmarx first made his mark when his track ‘Sex Face’ became one of the biggest viral smashes of the year. The song was spread by social media juggernaut Lad Bible, bringing it to millions of Facebook users.

As a songwriter, Fullmarx has collaborations lined up with some of the biggest artists and producers in the business, no doubt precluding a number of major singles in 2018. He’s also graduated from the small club circuit by accompanying Lucy Spraggan on a major tour. Fullmarx, no doubt, is ready for the big time.

3. Little Boots

Little Boots is already well established on the dance music scene, but 2018 is set to take her to new heights.

The DJ, songwriter and vocalist has won the coveted BBC ‘Sound Of…’ poll, and released a string of popular albums and tracks, including the experimental NOIZ app and Afterhours EP, which allowed listeners to remix her songs themselves.

Little Boots has also been a vocal advocate for female representation within the music industry, playing the inaugural edition of San Francisco’s all-female Together Fest.

3. Paolo Martini

Paolo Martini is another established musician with an even bigger future ahead of him. With club classic songs such as ‘Dancing with You’, ‘Happiness’, ‘Burning up’, and ‘Say Yes’, and major brand partnerships with Diesel, Adidas, and Nokia.

The Italian DJ has recently started tly been igniting the dance scene with a scorching string of releases on his own Paul’s Boutique label, with plenty more to come in 2018.

4. Yuga

Another Italian native, Yuga aka Tradelove has been on a career high ever since he scored his 2011 hit ‘Rock the Casbah’. He’s been nominated for the prestigious Beatport Music Award, and gained the support of Carl Cox, Bob Sinclar, Dannic and many more. Next year, Yuga will capitalise on this initial success with new releases and major shows.

5. Lamont

Bristol-based bass DJ Lamont is fast becoming one of the most in-demand DJs on the underground scene. His releases on the Swamp81 label have found a hugely receptive audience of both clubbers and tastemakers, and his Rinse FM radio show showcases his passion for bass, dub and grime.

With his star on the rise, Lamont is primed to score some major underground hits in the new year.

6. Boofy

Boofy is another underground sensation, also based in Bristol. His boundary-pushing sound is due for wider recognition in 2018. As the co-founder of Sector 7 sounds, Boofy has already had a large taste of success. The label’s eclectic back catalogue is perennially sold out, as fans clamour for copies of the exclusive limited releases.

7. General Levy

When it comes to General Levy, ‘Incredible’ is the song most think of. Gem that it may be, that 1990s release is by no means all the general has to offer. With a continent-spanning 2018 tour already lined up, and a headlining slot at Reggae Roast’s New Year’s Eve Bonanza, Levy is ready to make 2018 his year.

Featured image: Calendar by Dafne Cholet via Creative Commons.

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