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It’s harder than ever before to get your music heard, with thousands of new releases coming out each day. Working with a music PR or social media agency like MN2S to promote your release is one of the most effective ways to raise your profile and broaden your fanbase.

However, if you’re trying to self-promote, TikTok is the place to start. Hundreds (even thousands) of new artists are discovered on the platform every month, and it’s swiftly becoming the most influential channel for music discovery and music promotion. But how can you be heard above the crowd? Here’s our top five tips.

1. Collaborate with popular influencers

On TikTok, just like on YouTube and Instagram, there are some users who are well-known for consistently posting high-quality video. They have a big fan base and can use their notoriety to popularise anyone. You can work with these individuals as a musician and request that they utilise your music in their videos. For each video in which they make mention of your song, you can pay them.

2. Create a TikTok challenge with your music

Making a music challenge with your song is another excellent approach to promote your music on TikTok. A current illustration of this can be seen in the Keke Challenge. The popularity of Drake’s song surged after the Keke challenge. So you may launch a special challenge or contest and let TikTok users handle the rest. It wouldn’t be surprising if your music challenge gained popularity on other social media platforms given how rapidly TikTok videos become viral.

3. Use hashtags

In the 21st century social media age, hashtags are incredibly powerful. Hashtags on TikTok function almost exactly like those on Instagram. Hashtags that are original and innovative can make you more discoverable. As long as you employ innovative hashtags, hashtags can also help your content go viral. Your design ought to be inspired by your music in addition to the hashtags.

4. Post regular videos that use your music

We’ve already shown the significant impact working with well-known TikTok influencers can have on your music career. These celebrities can spread the word about your music to their countless fans. To get your music promoted, you don’t necessarily have to rely on other people. On TikTok, you can make a personal profile and frequently publish videos with your songs. You can also request that your loved ones share your videos on TikTok. Your videos will eventually go viral as a result of this chain of events. You must make sure that your music is both excellent and original. Otherwise, it won’t be worth spreading, and it won’t go viral.

You can even upload funny videos to your TikTok channel in order to promote your music, but these films must also be relevant to your music. You can make a humorous video with your music or sing a funny song. People enjoy laughing, thus comedy videos have a higher chance of becoming popular online. Therefore, even if your humorous video becomes popular, people would learn about you as a musician. Then, they’ll be compelled to check out your other tracks without even realising it.

5. Get to know Spotlight

TikTok is getting ready to introduce Spotlight, a brand-new platform. The TikTok spotlight programme will assist in both the discovery of new and independent artists as well as their transition into the mainstream. Musicians will be able to upload their music to a specialised music channel using Spotlight. All other TikTok users will subsequently be able to utilise this music in their videos. Due to TikTok’s over 1 billion active users, unsigned and independent musicians will undoubtedly benefit from exposure on this influential platform. When Spotlight launches, musicians wishing to advertise their music on TikTok should keep an eye out for it.

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