20 April 2017

DJ Jazzy Jeff’s R&B supergroup The PLAYlist is bringing its debut album Chasing Goosebumps on wax.

Earlier this year The PLAYlist’s Chasing Goosebumps album was met with acclaim from all corners of the music industry. Now, the group will bring the album to vinyl in honour of Record Store Day 2017, allowing fans to experience the goosebumps once again via a whole new format.

The release is due shortly after RSD 2017, on April 28th 2017 and it will be handled exclusively by MN2S Label Services. Early indications show the LP may sell out on pre orders alone.

DJ Jazzy Jeff is currently on the road in Europe with Chasing Goosebumps contributor MC Dayne Jordan, whose debut album The Memoirs of Dayne Jordan was also produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff.

The PLAYlist feat. Glenn Lewis’ Chasing Goosebumps was famously created over a one week period in early 2017 as a way to prove what musicians could achieve when working together on a shared goal. “I am trying to dispel every industry rumour that has ever been there,” says Jeff on ‘Die Empty’. “You put creative people in a room and I’ll show you what can happen.”

“I want to absolutely blow everybody’s minds at what was created in a week,” he goes on to say.

Pre Order Chasing Goosebumps on vinyl here to have your mind blown again.

Book The PLAYlist or DJ Jazzy Jeff to bring the goosebumps to your venue.

The PLAYlist

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