Boy bands have always had exceptional star power, and their members have often become pop culture icons. From the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC and Boyzone to One Direction, Union J and The Wanted, the faces may have changed but the success and fame stays the same.

Although boy bands are commonly associated with adolescent girls, the truth is that the appeal of these groups extends far beyond this demographic. Boy bands are often the princes of pop at the height of their success and the interest and excitement surrounding them is something that would make any event all the more exciting.

There are a number of prominent celebrity talents who are currently or once were boy band members. Many of these figures are also available for guest speaking, sponsorship or after dinner events. If you are in need of a versatile and enigmatic celebrity singing talent then celebrity booking agencies and talent agents represent a host of exciting possibilities.

MN2S represents a selection of stars from some of the most popular boy bands in history: the Backstreet Boys, JLS, the Wanted and Union J.

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A.J Mclean is a versatile performer. As a member of the Backstreet Boys, he has sold over 175 million records worldwide and achieved 9 albums in the top 10 on the Billboard 200 charts with the group. The star status of the group was cemented with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2013 and they remain not only the best-selling boy band in history, but one of the best-selling music artists in the world. McLean is also a talented dancer, actor and entertainer as well as participant in the suicide prevention activist initiative ‘It Gets Better Project’. When not performing with the Backstreet Boys, McLean has an alter ego, “Johnny NoName”, under which he performs solo. His second solo album, The Anthem is due for release soon.

Jay McGuiness is best known for his singing talents in the popular boy band the Wanted. After entering a short hiatus in early 2014, McGuiness has been enjoying the time away from the limelight, while still experimenting with solo material. McGuiness is currently showing off his performance skills on the vastly popular BBC show Strictly Come Dancing and is one of the public’s favourites to win.

JLS and Union J were two immensely popular boy bands to emerge from Britain’s talent show phenomenon, The X Factor. JLS may currently be separated, but they enjoyed immense success for several years, selling more than 10 million records worldwide, with five number one singles and receiving both BRIT and MOBO awards. One member of the pop and R&B quartet, JB Gill, released his debut solo single with DJ and music producer Charlie Hedges in 2014, making him the first member of JLS to release a solo venture. He has also recently made appearances on a number of popular television programmes such as Celebrity MasterChef, Strictly Come Dancing and The Jump.


Union J released their debut single Carry You and their debut album Union J in 2013 and a second studio album, You Got It All in 2014, both of which spawned high entries in the UK charts. Having just returned from supporting The Vamps on tour, JJ Hamblett of Union J is currently working on the group’s third studio album.


The above figures are available to appear at all public, private and corporate events. To make an enquiry, please contact celebrity booking agency MN2S Talent Agency.

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