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Thinking about booking a golfer as a celebrity guest at your next event? Take a closer look at MN2S talent and 5 times PGA tour winner John Daly.

It could be something of a stereotype to say that all business people are interested in golf, but it’s one with a basis in truth – just one of the reasons that the celebrity talent we’re profiling today makes an excellent choice for corporate entertainment.

John Daly is a colourful and charismatic character who’s a big deal in the world of golf, rising from relative obscurity to near instant fame in the 1990s.

Keep reading to find out everything worth knowing about John Daly, and why you should hire a celebrity like him as an after dinner speaker for your next event.

From humble beginnings…

john daly mn2s talent

While John became a professional golfer in 1987, it wasn’t until 1991 that he really became a star, when he rose from near total obscurity to win the PGA Championship. The win garnered a quite substantial amount of media attention, as he had been the ninth reserve to play on the tour, and eight others had to turn down the place before it was even offered to him.

It was quite an entry onto the global golfing scene, and John won a three stroke victory in the tournament, just his third ever major.

The win did not go unrecognised and earned Daly the PGA’s Rookie of the year honours that year, cementing his place in the history books.

In 1995, John went on to secure a victory in the British Open, where he found himself head to head with the Costantino Rocca, an Italian golfer, at St. Andrews in another career highlight.

The win secured Daly the dubious honour of being the only eligible golfer who has won two major tournaments but never been invited to play in the prestigious Ryder Cup tournament, between the USA and Britain.

“Long John”

john daly mn2s talent

One of John Daly’s most notable characteristics as a golfer is his driving distance off the tee, and it was this that earned him the nickname among sports fans of “Long John”.

Thouh the PGA has only kept records of performance since 1980, Daly is the first golfer recorded to have averaged over 300 yards per drive over a whole golfing season, a feat which he achieved in 1997 and accomplished in every season between 1999 and 2008. Until 2003, he was also the only player to do so.

Giving back

Since he first scented fame Daly has used his power and influence for good, donating cash to countless causes, including children’s charities, as well as playing in charity golf games and supporting the sports programme offered at the University of Arkansas.

In 1991 after his first major win, Daly donated $30,000 to the family of a man who had been killed by a lightning strike in a freak accident during the tournament, money which helped with the college tuition of the man’s two daughters. It’s an act that is even more generous when you consider he was not a wealthy man at the time, just at the beginning of his golfing career.

Why book John Daly?

As his colourful personal story demonstrates, John Daly is a man of many motivations and his rollercoaster career offers more than a few opportunities for entertaining anecdotes and tales from the top.

That’s not all there is to him though; this is a man who has struggled against all odds in the face of adversity making him an excellent and engaging motivational speaker, as well suited to a conference or business seminar as he is to a charity gala or dinner.

Aside from his career in the world of golf, Daly has also started a successful business selling loud golfwear and turned his hand to designing golf courses, all of which contributes to making him a fascinating person to hear speak and someone your guests are sure to enjoy.

Entertainment agency

At MN2S we pride ourselves on the quality and diversity of the celebrity talent on our books, so whether John Daly sounds like a perfect fit for your event, or you’d like to check out some of the other celebrity speakers on our roster, get in touch today.

Our friendly and professional celebrity agents are sure to be able to find someone who will help your event go with a bang, whether it’s a Christmas dinner or a management seminar.

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