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Thinking of booking a celebrity from the world of football? Read on to see why Sir Trevor Booking would be the perfect choice.

In the world of football, some players simply drop off the radar following the end of their career in the pursuit of a quieter life. They retire on their earnings and spend time with their families – and who can blame them? After all, being a footballer is a stressful and exhausting job.

There are others, however, who choose to remain in the public eye, whether that be as a coach, manager or TV commentator, and the best respected of these become grandees of the football world – like Sir Trevor Brooking.

One of the most recognisable names and faces in English football, Brooking has carved out a career in football development since hanging up his boots more than three decades ago. The admirable dedication which he showed to one team – West Ham – and his relentless pursuit of excellence in sport has ensured that his is a name which will be forever associated with the good old days of English football.

All of these are also qualities which make him a fascinating public speaker; he can offer insight into football over the last half a century and is well placed to comment on the changes which have happened in the sport. As someone playing during what is often considered a golden era for soccer, he will also have a strong appeal for audiences of a certain age, who may have grown up watching him on the pitch.

Keep reading to find out more about the life and times of Sir Trevor Brooking, and just what it is that makes him such an excellent celebrity speaker.

Trevor Brooking: A life story

Sir Trevor Booking

Born in the humble surroundings of Barking to parents Margaret and Harry (a police officer), Brooking was a football fan from a young age, attending his first West Ham match at the age of just nine.

He was playing football from an early age and by the time he was 15, Trevor was training with both Chelsea and Tottenham football clubs. Spotted by West Ham manager around the same time, the youngster was in the enviable position of being offered apprenticeships by all three clubs.

Though Chelsea manager Tommy Docherty offered Brooking’s parents a car and £500 in an attempt to secure his signing, Trevor eventually went with West Ham. Not only was this his favourite childhood club, but he was also allowed to stay on at school and complete his education under the terms of the agreement, eventually finishing with 11 O-levels and 2 A-levels.

Brooking started playing for West Ham in 1967, and the midfielder’s partnership with fellow football legend, Bobby Moore, became the backbone of the team for many years.

Despite lucrative transfer deals being offered, Brooking remained with West Ham for his whole career, playing just three matches at the end of his run for other club.

Well known for being one of the most gentlemanly players in the league, Brooking was rarely booked or sent off, and almost never contested a referee’s decision, traits which he also exhibited in his international career. Playing 47 games for the England team, Brooking was a mainstay but often missed out on the glory because of his position – he scored just nine international goals in his career.

Since retiring in the late 1970s, Brooking has stayed loyal to West Ham, acting as caretaker manager on several different occasions. He has also become a regular on TV and radio, in particular Match of the Day, and now works as Director of Football Development in England, a prestigious role which oversees coaching and development as well as selecting England team managers.

Book Sir Trevor

Which of our celebrity speakers works best for your event is all down to your audience, but we can pretty much guarantee that football fans of a certain age will get a real kick from seeing Sir Trevor Brooking on the events programme.

As a warm, charismatic and engaging public speaker with an unparalleled insight into a pivotal time in British football, your guests will hang on to his every word – even those who aren’t big-time football fans will find his historical observations interesting.

If you’d like to book Trevor Brooking or any of the other big names on the roster here at MN2S celebrity talent agency, then get in touch today. We can make sure you’ve got the best person for the job and ensure your event goes with a bang.

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