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There’s something about Italian cooking that it’s hard not to love. Maybe it’s the way that simple recipes allow quality ingredients to shine through. Maybe it’s the way it reminds us of summer holidays and warmer climes. Or maybe it’s the heady combination of delicious carbs and lots of cheese! Aldo Zilli is one of the UK’s best Italian chefs, thanks to his childhood growing up in the Italian countryside.

He’s the face of the award winning San Carlo restaurant group and assists in developing recipes for the restaurants in the group. He’s also appeared extensively on TV and has had his own slot on the radio, making him a familiar face (and voice) around the UK. With ten cookbooks under his belt, Zilli is an experienced and inventive chef.

Whether you’re looking for a celebrity chef to give the stamp of approval to your restaurant, a foodie to endorse your product or just a fascinating speaker and demonstrator to wow your audience, Aldo is the man for the job. Hire a celebrity chef like Aldo from us here at MN2S – if he’s not right for the job, you’re sure to find a chef on the books who does fit the bill.

We’ve rounded up five delicious Aldo Zilli recipes that we think will really tickle your tastebuds. Check them out below:

Tomato and Rye Bruschetta

The classics are classic for a reason, and this tomato bruschetta is the most classic Italian dish there is. Whether it’s an easy but tasty starter you’re after, or some canapes to have with drinks, you won’t go far wrong with bruschetta. Just make sure your tomatoes are as ripe and delicious as possible!

Squid and prawn skewers

Like the UK, Italy is a country with a lot of coastline. Unlike the British, Italians tend to get a little more creative than fish and chips with their seafood. These squid and prawn skewers would be delicious cooked on the barbecue and they’re sure to impress any guests you have visiting.

Lamb stuffed with herbs and kidneys

Many people find offal off putting, but it’s a staple of many European cuisines – and it helps to cut down on food waste too. This lamb stuffed with herbs and kidneys is a delicious recipe bursting with flavour that’s sure to convert even the most offal-shy of diners.

Espresso almond tart

Coffee and chocolate is a time-honoured combination that’s sure to be a hit, and this concoction shared by Aldo Zilli is a delicious take on it. It’s also almost embarrassingly easy, which is always a bonus when we’re talking about dessert recipes. You could have it on the table in less than an hour!

Mascarpone trifle

Trifle is an English classic, but this Italian twist makes it – if possible – an even more dreamy dessert option. Substituting mascarpone for custard makes it slightly less sweet and slightly more rich – it’s a delightful twist on a classic that’s perfect for the festive season and couldn’t be simpler to whip up.

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