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Trying to take your event to the next level?

One of the easiest ways to make your event go with a bang is to use the power of celebrity talent and work with a professional London talent agency to make the booking – and more specifically still, to hire a celebrity chef.

Restaurant dining is on the rise. Cooking and eating are seen these days as the main event, the entertainment on a night out rather than the precursor. Coupled with this are the growing tribes of folk seeking out artisanal food produce of all kinds. Simply put, we have never been more interested in food.

So, if you’re having any kind of food at your event, whether it’s a formal sit-down dinner, or a cool buffet of Mexican street food, a celebrity chef can make your event the thing everyone is talking about and be a real draw for your guests.

celebrity chef Gizzi Erskine
Though a relatively new phenomenon, chefs these days are celebrities – up there with the finest of the small screen stars. Often with their own TV show, or regular slots on established magazine shows, celeb chefs are the pinnacle of the booming food industry. Time Magazine says that the food business in the US has grown an incredible 1,200% between 1970 and 2010, and further, that they credit this largely to the rise of cooking as a spectacle. At the core of this movement is the new generation of celebrity chefs.

So, booking celebrities comes with buzz, publicity and a certain exciting extra added to your event. With them too, comes a great marketing opportunity for you, and the brand or product you are promoting.

Celebrity chefs attract hype because there’s a real, and growing, market out there for anything they produce. With seasonally updated books, shows and even tours, these guys are serious business and command sky-high fees. For most people, the nearest they get to a celebrity chef is watching one do their thing on television.

Need more convincing? Then read on…

The media

You can even see the burgeoning rise of speciality food shows on TV. Everyone from Gordan Ramsey to Nigella Lawson (with a dash of Jamie Oliver thrown in for good measure) has their own show, but think for a minute about the rise of the ‘prosumer’ cooking shows like Masterchef, Come Dine with Me, and even Dinner Date. Food these days is a big deal with suburban households up and down the country competing to be crowned as best dinner party hosts.


We’ve all seen the thousands of images clogging our Instagram feeds of badly lit plates of food, going cold as the diner tries to take the perfect shot. Some of us have laughed as we watch couples posing for the perfect restaurant selfie, some of us may even have been the selfie-taker.

Some of these guys make serious money. Think of all those specialist diet cooks out there online: paleo, vegan, clean, and any other type of food preference you can think of, there’s someone in cyber-land making their living from providing foodie content of this kind.

What this all shows is that people are interested in food. We have made it into a luxury product. Just think about those glorious Marks and Spencer food ads that almost fetishize everything from the humble plum crumble to the full Sunday roast.

Keep this in mind when organising your event. Food is big business. Celebrity chefs? Even bigger business.

In a crowded market, having a celebrity chef cook for your event can be a real draw. People will pay a lot of money when it comes to food, and they’ll also generate a lot of hype for you – free of charge. It’s a win-win.


You might want your celeb at the helm when it comes to planning and running the kitchen. You might want a simple demonstration or even a hands-on workshop. Whatever you have in mind, working with celebrity agents can make sure you get the right celebrity talent for the job.

Remember that working with us as your go-to celebrity agency means all those tricky contracts and negotiations are taken care of.

So, making your celebrity booking through us takes care of all the difficult stuff. Using our vast global experience means your night goes with a swing, and you get all the credit for a good time had by all.

Hiring a celebrity chef means you tap into this hugely popular, and lucrative, market. It also means your night is a massive success and you generate the right kind of marketing buzz for your business.

For all booking enquiries regarding celebrity chefs, please contact celebrity talent agency MN2S.

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