Cricketing legend and England batting coach Mark Ramprakash was booked through MN2S to take part in a live-streamed event for the Royal Opera House in support of mental health charity Mind.

For the sixth year in a row, World Ballet Day saw a record-breaking 31 dance companies come together in a global celebration of dance that featured world-renowned companies such as The Royal Ballet, The Bolshoi Ballet and The Australian Ballet dance together. This year’s theme was “everybody can dance”, a message of inclusivity aimed at showing people everywhere that ballet isn’t just for highly talented dancers with decades of training: it can be enjoyed by anyone.

London’s Royal Opera House put together an immersive programme of daytime events, free performances and ticketed workshops for the first year that they opened their doors to the public on World Ballet Day, inviting visitors to join Royal Ballet dancers and sporting celebrities such as Mark Ramprakash. The events were live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube, reaching hundreds of millions of social media users across the globe.

Partnering with mental health charity Mind, The Royal Ballet opened up a conversation between dancers, Olympians and sports stars on the significance of maintaining good mental health when performing at an elite level. The day culminated in the dance company officially signing the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation, an integral part of the Royal Ballet’s continuing commitment to positive mental health and well-being. The Charter, authored by Mind, is aimed at encouraging organisations to make positive changes around mental health and physical activity.

“#WorldBalletDay is one of the highlights of the ballet Season, and this year’s programme of events is here to show that absolutely everybody can dance- no matter your age, experience or ability. As part of this year’s World Ballet Day celebrations, we also look forward to partnering with Mind to shine a light on mental health in dance and sport.”

Director of the Royal Ballet Kevin O’Hare
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