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For the uninitiated, fandom events – often termed conventions – are themed around a specific cultural area with a lot of fans. It can be as specific as the Harry Potter series (events like LeakyCon) or as broad as Anime (events like London Anime Con) and events often attract thousands of fans over several days.

Films, TV shows and genres often have a dedicated fanbase with the enthusiasm to dress up, take part in activities, listen to talks and spend money on merchandise and autographs. It can be a lucrative type of event to organise and many regularly held conventions have been running for years.

So how do you organise a fandom event?

One of the most important elements of a fandom event is the celebrity guests. For lots of attendees, the quality of guest will be a deciding factor in whether they decide to attend or not. As such, it’s important to secure guests even before a venue is confirmed.

The broader the event is, the more potential guests will be available – these should be people like authors, actors, directors and producers associated with the book, film or genre that you are representing. For instance, if you were organising a Star Trek fandom event then an original cast member like George Takei would be a real coup.

The stars are the biggest draw for many people, so make sure you’ve secured some big names. If you’re interested in finding out more about the relevant celebrities on our books, contact us here at MN2S celebrity talent agency for advice on the best fandom celebrities available.

Choosing a fandom

The fandom that you choose for your event is crucial; it’s a packed market but you want to choose a fandom with a large number of followers. One of the best tactics is to launch a fandom event which focuses on a new or emerging fandom.

Many of the most enthusiastic fan-bases fall into the fantasy or sci-fi genres, so these areas area good place to start. Geographically, try to choose somewhere central, both within the city and country where you’re holding your event. Although fans of niche films and books are often willing to travel some way, it’s sensible to make your event as accessible as possible.

Monetising a fandom event

Tickets are just the start when it comes to earning money from your fandom event. Many events offer several levels of ticket, with a higher price and additional perks for those willing to pay for VIP access.

Meet-and-greet events can also be ticketed within the wider event, while stalls can be rented out to vendors selling merchandise and related paraphernalia. It’s worth bearing in mind, though, that with so many events on the market it’s easy for fans and vendors to take their custom elsewhere – so don’t get greedy.

Planning your fandom event

In conclusion, the main considerations when planning a fandom event are the fandom you would like to tap into, the celebrity guests that you can hire to appear and the best ways to monetise your event. Fandom events take a lot of work, but they’re fun to pull off and can be very rewarding. Have fun!

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