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Often a celebrity with a personal story that links to your brand is the best choice for a partnership – and that’s just what happened when Lighterlife partnered up with Mica Paris.

Lighterlife is a weight loss programme which takes the innovative approach of combining effective, nutritious plans with ground breaking group counselling techniques. It helps people taking part in the programme to address their relationship with food and develop a better approach to eating, with a variety of plans to choose from.


Mica Power is one of the UK’s finest and most respected female singers with a career full of hit singles and albums. The range, power, and sheer soulfulness of Mica Paris’ singing made an immediate impact on the UK music scene in 1988 when she released her debut, the platinum-selling So Good from which she had her first top 10 hit ‘You Are My One Temptation’.

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In recent years she’s also turned her hand to presenting and radio work, but had also struggled with putting on weight. After years of yo-yo dieting, professional stresses and being the head of her family, Mica’s weight had been fluctuating constantly. After turning 48 years-old, she realised that she needed to be more aware of her health, a statement that resonates with women across the world.

A personal journey that ties into the brand she’s promoting made her an ideal choice of candidate as a spokesperson for Lighterlife. She’s used the product she’s promoting with great success, so she can speak honestly and enthusiastically about it, something that’s sure to come across to consumers.

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She says: ““Prior to LighterLife, like so many people I lived my life on autopilot and didn’t really think about what, or how much, I was eating. In between being a mum, cooking and looking after the family, alongside recording albums and television programmes for work, I would often find myself losing any mental discipline and falling into a cycle of weight fluctuations.

“LighterLife is a tough lifestyle change at the beginning, but it teaches you to look at your old habits with a new outlook to help you understand where you may have been going wrong. It’s all about making small positive lifestyle changes and creating good habits that you can be proud of.”

In total, whilst following the plan Mica was able to lost 2 stone and 2 lb – a huge amount over just two months.

Mica says: “The biggest change I’ve noticed (besides losing weight) is the increase in my stamina when I’m on stage, which is just amazing. I used to only do shows for just over an hour, but now I perform for more than double that because I have so much more energy, and it also helps with early airport starts and all day photoshoots!

“In my profession there is a lot of pressure to look good. I always felt that I needed to look good when I was busy, which in turn meant I was more relaxed and able to eat freely when I had some spare time. I wanted to share my story in the public eye because so many people go through this and if they see me being honest about it they may realise they can do it, too.”

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