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Thinking of throwing a corporate event?


Planning corporate events is a thrilling ride. You get to make the big decisions and make a name for yourself, but you also get the big responsibility; there’s nothing worse than a dull night with an overcooked meal – we’ve all been there. Corporate entertainment can be a chore but if you follow our guide, it needn’t be. Aim high, plan a knock-out night and whether you’re looking to thank staff for a hard year of tough work, celebrate achievement at an awards night, or connect with new clients and customers, your night will go with a bang when you work with our talent agents to source your entertainment talent.


Always start with a fully fleshed out brief. Whatever your event and whatever your budget, you will need a team of people to help you put on your event and with a well-written and detailed brief, you can be sure that everyone is singing the same song at the same time. It’s a little like a long car trip: think of your brief like the map, or directions for your journey – can you imagine driving to the Outer Hebrides without a map? Nor can we.

Big budget

Deciding on your budget, or having a pre-set budget from the start is essential. Speak to anyone you know who may have organised corporate entertainment before and try to get a feel for likely costs. Use their advice to figure out the essentials and then phone around to get quotes from reputable companies. This will, of course, depend on how much of the logistics is your responsibility and how much is already in place. If you only have to source the entertainment, count yourself lucky. If you’re also tasked with catering and furniture hire, make sure you use a professional company to make it all go smoothly.

Creative venue

When it comes to corporate entertainment, think creatively about the venue options. Remember there will be a lot of people on the guest list with a whole bunch of other more exciting options. You want your event to stand out and a great venue is one way of making sure yours will be a night to remember. Trendy gallery or disused warehouse? Museum space or cosy restaurant? The sky is the limit.


This is the one place you can really let your imagination go wild. From Alice in Wonderland to a Bond inspired cocktail party, your theme is where you really get to make your night stand out. There are plenty of companies out there that will happily help your theme really look the part with actors, costumes and decorations. Work with us to source the right entertainment to complement your theme and people will be talking about your night, not only in the weeks leading up to it, but in the weeks after too.



Obviously, this is the single biggest responsibility if your job is to organise your company’s corporate entertainment. The best way to make your event a success is to secure premium talent to entertain your guests. Getting in touch with us is the easiest way to ensure this. With our extensive global reach and a booking roster of world-renowned DJs, music acts, and even sporting and media celebrities, we know how to make your event the huge success you deserve it to be. Whatever you are planning, we offer an impressive range of entertainment options and even after-dinner speakers and celebrity talent. Because we operate around the world across one hundred countries, working with us means you get expert help and a quality night.

In summary

Whatever your event, and wherever you hold it, if you’re planning corporate entertainment, make it innovative and creative the easy way. Get in touch with a talent agent at MN2S and see how we can help you make your event a night to remember.

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