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We looked Sarah Outen’s new inspirational book, “Dare to Do” – now available.

Adventurer Sarah Outen is nothing if not an inspiration. Her London2London: Via the World trip made headlines across the country and beyond when she finished it in 2015, after rowing, cycling and kayaking her way around the world, almost completely solo. It was a 20,000 mile journey which took her almost four and a half years in total, despite planning for 2.5 initially.

The journey was treacherous at times, and Outen risked her life in the name of adventure on several occasions. She shared her journey every step of the way with an online community of friends and followers, sending tweets and sharing photos and podcasts from the road. During the course of the adventure, she even met and proposed to her now wife. It should come, then, as no surprise, that the plucky adventurer chose to write a book about her exploits.

Released earlier this year, Dare to Do charts the highs and lows of the expedition, including many significant setbacks. In the book, Sarah writes candidly about the mental health problems that she suffered after her boat was badly damaged in a tropical storm. Outen was rescued from the sea, but found herself suffering from PTSD after the trauma, something which almost stopped her from continuing her journey.

Despite this and other major setbacks, Sarah persisted and it is this fighting spirit which is most apparent in the book. As far as inspiring stories go, Sarah’s has got to be one of the best, and the same inspiring attitude that she displays towards her adventuring is what makes her such a brilliant motivational speaker.

In an interview with the Guardian, Sarah describes encountering this spirit in a fellow traveller – just one of the many wonderful anecdotes accumulated over the course of her journey:

“The essence of my journey and the spirit in which it has been made – of setting out with a positive attitude and then dealing with setbacks, finding a way through – is perhaps best summed up by one of my favourite stories, of Gao in China.

“I first met this smiling young man in a petrol station after he grilled me about my laden bike Hercules, waiting outside. Excited by the fact I had come from London, Gao asked how he could make a similar journey. I told him to buy a bike and go, that just starting was the most important thing. Half an hour down the road Gao appeared in his car and asked if he could come with me, riding a bike to Beijing, five weeks’ ride away. Putting him off with tales of searing heat in the Gobi desert (just around the corner) and my tight schedule, I was trying to bring him down politely. His eager ideas for how we would solve all these problems made me think that of course he should come – what was the worst that could happen? So I said we would meet in two days’ time. He said he would go and buy a bike.

“With a shopping list in hand, he disappeared and I was left wondering what might happen. He rocked up two days later with a bike, panniers packed, a huge Chinese flag, a new haircut and a nervous grin. Travelling with Gao went from being a bit like riding with a young child (he lost everything and bounced around trying to impress me) to being a brilliant partnership, with each of us helping the other.

“By the time we rolled into Beijing, five weeks later, he had grown into being a confident cycle tourist and had plans for more adventures. When I asked him to express how he felt about the journey in three words”, he said: “I am happiness.” And his message to the world was: “If you want to do something, just do it. Don’t worry about anything, just do it.” A stirring message for everyone, I think, reminding us not to be held back by demons or fears of change or challenge or unknowns.

As well as writing her inspirational book, Sarah Outen has also been courting film producers. The young adventurer shot many hours of footage during her round the world adventure, and is now looking for someone to help her make it into a documentary film – which is sure to be just as gripping as the book!

Book Sarah Outen today.

If you’re looking for a feisty and adventure-loving woman to inspire, Sarah has got to be your woman. What’s more inspirational than travelling around the world under your own steam? If you’re interested in celebrity hire for your next event, get in touch with MN2S today to find out more about booking Sarah Outen.

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