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These Are Six Of The Best Bond Films Of All Time

There are few things as universally appreciated by the James Bond franchise. Based on novels by British author Ian Fleming (who also wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, incidentally), the films follow the adventures and misadventures of agent 007 on Her Majesty’s Secret Service, who is otherwise known as James Bond.

Although the special effects and production values have certainly improved over the years, there’s still something nostalgic about settling down to watch one of the older films – and more recent installments are invariably rip-roaring adventures that you can’t tear yourself away from.

Check out our picks for six of the best Bond films of all time – and the Bond star on the books at our entertainment agency:

Skyfall (2012)

Daniel Craig’s third outing as a stocky, blond James Bond was surely his best in the role, in which the spy finds himself holed up in his ancestral home in the Scottish highlands with enemy agents trying to blast him to bits. It’s a beautifully shot film with some incredible cinematography which doesn’t skimp on the action and drama one bit.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

George Lazenby only played James Bond for one film, but it was one of the best of the classic films. All of the elements of an excellent Bond movie are there. From a stirring score to a chilling villain (Blofeld) and an incredible ski chase sequence, one thing’s for sure – it isn’t boring.

Dr No. (1962)

Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder in Dr No. is perhaps the most iconic Bond girl of all time – and the scene in which she walks out of the ocean in a bikini is one of the most recognisable (not to mention parodied) in the series. It’s the first Bond film which really feels like a Bond film, although the music isn’t quite as dramatic as it would come to be.

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

For the time, The Spy Who Loved me has some impressive sets and technical effects, requiring an entire new soundstage to be built when it was filmed. It’s futuristic in the way that we’ve come to know and love, with a Lotus that turns into a submarine and a metal-toothed criminal nemesis. This film also has one of the best Bond moments of all time, when Roger Moore skis off the edge of a mountain and falls for a heart-stoppingly long time before he pulls a cord and drifts to earth on – what else – a union-jack parachute.

Goldfinger (1964)

Shirley Bassey singing the theme to this film is a moment that’s sure to send shivers down the spine of any fan. It’s one of the sexiest of the early Bond movies and very raunchy for the time at which it was released, establishing James Bond as not only a super-spy but also a real Casanova.

A View To Kill (1985)

Christopher Walken plays a chilling Nazi supervillain in this installment of the Roger Moore era Bond films and plans, along with Grace Jones, to blow up the San Andreas Fault. It’s an audacious storyline, but one which climaxes in a fantastic finale involving a zeppelin and the Golden Gate Bridge. Top that off with a theme song by Duran Duran, and you’ll have some idea of how frankly fabulous this film is.

Book a celebrity

Anyone associated with the James Bond franchise is sure to be a celebrity speaker who’ll really draw a crowd. Audiences are fascinated by insider anecdotes from the sets and star-struck by meeting the stars of one of the biggest film series in the world.

We’re lucky enough to have former Bond girl Fiona Fullerton on our books, who appeared as Pole Ivanova, a KGB spy in A View To Kill. She’s sure to be a welcome addition to any line up, so get in touch with MN2S talent agents if you’d like to book Fiona Fullerton for your next event.

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