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In the run up to the Strictly final, we look back at this years most memorable dances.


Strictly Come Dancing is a staple of our winter TV viewing schedules. The moment the first bars of the opening credits sound, a nation becomes ballroom dancing critics – and it’s only getting better. This is one TV talent show which has only improved with age – it could probably find celebrity participants even if there wasn’t a fee involved!

2017 has been a vintage year for the show – from Susan Calman’s army of fans to the incredible Debbie McGee, it’s been non-stop entertainment. Now that the show is almost over, it might seem sad that we have to wait another year – but if you’re looking at entertainment agencies in need of some inspiration, you could be in luck.

Here at MN2S we have plenty of former Strictly contestants on the books, and they’re all too willing to spill the beans on what being on the show is all about. If you’re looking for entertainment ideas for an audience of Strictly fans, we might just have what you’re looking for.


We’ve rounded up some of the best dances from Strictly Come Dancing 2017 for your enjoyment – check them out below:


Joe & Katya – Human

One of the dances performed in the semi-finals, this incredible Argentine Tango is flawless from start to finish. Most impressive is that lift – you’ll know it when you see it – which must have taken incredible core strength from both Katya and Joe.


Jonnie & Oti – Johnny B Goode

It’s a dance that would be impressive for an able bodied couple, but Jonnie is a paralympic athlete and completed this dance with one leg and one blade. It’s an incredible feat and very expertly danced – when he was finally eliminated Jonnie thanked the judges for marking him fairly, which was one of the most heartwarming moments of the series.


Susan & Kevin – Paso Doble

Susan was one of the most unlikely participants when she joined the lineup and struggled at first with the dances. It was when she danced the paso doble that she came into her own, owning the fierce vibe of this dance. Bravo Susan!


Alexandra & Gorka – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

The Charleston is always a fun dance done well, and this must surely be the most accomplished Charleston of this series. Done to a song from Mary Poppins, it’s expertly executed by Alexandra, one of the stand-out favourites of the season.


Hire a Celebrity from Strictly Come Dancing today.

If you’re interested in hiring a newly minted ballroom dancing star to entertain the audience at an event you’re planning, get in touch. We’re sure to be able to find someone who fits the bill.


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