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Do You Know These Five of Strictly Come Dancing’s Best Sports?

Since hitting our screens for the first time back in May 2004 it’s become a fixture of our TV schedules, heralding the arrival of the winter months just as much as the nights drawing in. Strictly Come Dancing has made spandex and sequins sexy again and turned athletes, politicians and even rugby players into fantastic ballroom dancers.

Its yearly arrival on our TV screens isn’t the only thing that’s become a fixture however; so too has the inclusion of at least one celebrity who isn’t and almost certainly never will be a dancer. In 2016 that person was Ed Balls, but in most seasons of the show to date there has been at least one contestant with more enthusiasm than talent.

They’re truly what makes Britain great; we celebrate and enjoy the not-so-good just as more or even more so than those at the front of the field – you need only look at Ed Balls’ headline grabbing antics in 2016 to know that to be true!

We’ve rounded up the best of Strictly Come Dancing’s have-a-go contestants, who put their all into the show despite being far out of their comfort zones:

Ed Balls (2016)

ed balls mn2s

A politician on Strictly Come Dancing is always worth tuning in for; sportsmen and women usually fare quite well, and many of those with careers in the arts have at least some prior experience of dancing. Not so politicians, and Ed Balls started Strictly as an absolute calamity with two left feet.

To his credit, he did improve markedly over the course of the series, performing several dances that were memorable for their skill as well as their silliness, though not well enough to stay in the competition past week 10.

John Sergeant (2008)

Like politicians, journalists are not well known for being light on their feet, and John Sergeant’s dancing while popular with the public, did not go down well with judges.

He quit the show in an unprecedented move in late November 2008, saying, “It’s like when you decide to leave a party, and the time to leave a party is before the fight starts – I think that’s really what happened on this occasion.”

Ann Widdecombe (2010)

ann waiddicombe mn2s

Perhaps the most famous of the politicians to appear on Strictly, Ann Widdecombe made it to the ninth week of the contest despite consistently low marks from the judges. A self-described grumpy old woman, she nevertheless made a significant effort and her dancing improved significantly over the course of the series, making her an audience favourite.

Russell Grant (2011)

Astrologer Russell Grant took part in season nine of Strictly, swapping horoscopes for dancing shoes. Though his performances didn’t exactly receive high praise from the professional judges he remained in the competition until November, when he was eliminated, thanks to the popular vote.

Kate Garraway (2007)

kate garraway mn2s

Kate Garrway was a cherished TV star when she made her debut on Strictly Come Dancing, and despite being awarded the lowest score almost every week that she appeared on the show, she eventually finished in 8th place – perhaps thanks to her status as a national treasure!

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