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The popularity of the UK seems to be on the increase for overseas icons, particularly those coming from the US. There has always been a link between celebrities coming and going between the two countries working for an entertainment agency. The obvious attraction to the US has been the weather and lifestyle for potential UK stars in areas such as Los Angeles or big cities such as New York, but what about the pull towards the UK? It is unlikely to be the weather that attracts them to these shores, so why do some feel an unusual pull towards our wet and windy shores?

The obvious reasons

If the celebs themselves were surveyed, they probably would have a wide variety of the reasons to come. The most likely initial requirement would be that the celebrity in question enjoys some popularity in this country. We are a diverse nation and very welcoming to US imports, be it films, television series, sports stars, singers and performers. If there is a fan base already in the country, then further opportunities for celebrity bookings and career development will likely to be on offer.

The UK is obviously much smaller than the US and more similar than the different states that make up the US. It is notoriously difficult to establish stardom in the US and maybe easier to crack the UK market in their chosen field. Some areas such as certain sports or television shows may enjoy more popularity in the UK rather than the US, and therefore they can succeed when big names are being hired for celebrity bookings and doing corporate events. If this is the case, then celebs from the US may be able to carve out a better career by focussing on these opportunities rather than in the US.


fish and chips

US stars just love English food

Many celebrities cite the food on offer as a reason to fall in love with the UK. There is a wide range of food choices such as popular Indian and Chinese through to more traditional fayre. Fish and chips, pies as well as Sunday roast dinners seem to be able to fire a soft spot for these shores.

The Royals

Kate and William

William and Kate are loved by the US stars

In recent years, the Royal Family have been increasing in popularity, especially the young royals such as William, Kate and Harry. It looks like the US personalities can’t get enough of this typically British institution and with the royal wedding a few years ago together with the birth of Prince George has seen the UK become a growing attraction.

Screen Stars

Pamela Anderson

One of the most enduring US stars who loves the UK

The usual initial pull for US icons such as singers and actors, come from London. Many stars want to appear on UK chat shows to boost their profile in this country. In the 1990s, a very popular import to the UK from the US was the Baywatch series, which was focussed on a group of lifeguards working on fantastic Californian beaches. One of the stars of the series was Pamela Anderson, and she has been a regular in the UK for many years. Other US screen celebrities that also make many trips to the UK include Carmen Electra.


Michael Johnson

Sports Legends find their niche on UK TV

Once US sports legends have finished their sports careers, they sometimes commentate on sporting events for UK broadcasters. Michael Johnson, the former Olympic champion and world record holder, is now a very popular and widely respected pundit in the athletics world. He has found a very welcoming audience in the UK where athletics is probably more popular than in the US. He brings a gravitas to the UK’s coverage of major sporting events involving track and field including the Olympic Games every four years.

There are many other sports legends from abroad that already enjoy large popularity in the UK in their particular sport. The UK is famous for its Premier League football with many former players still staying in the game as managers or pundits. Some US stars may want to emulate former Dutch footballers such as Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, and Edgar Davids have forged careers in football punditry and corporate entertainment.


The people that live on our island shores are admired for their attitude to life and their sense of humour. Many US celebs learn to enjoy the cosmopolitan lifestyle of one of the world’s great cities such as London, and they also value the reputation of some of its schools.

Hopefully, the UK will continue to attract the very best of US talent and enjoy these celebrity speakers in this country for many years to come. If you want to take advantage of the best the US has to offer for your corporate event entertainment, then why not book one of our celebrity speakers? We bet they’d love to come.

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