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Ruby Bhogal's baklava recipe for GQ Online

The GBBO star served up another gorgeous bake in an ongoing series of recipes featured in GQ.

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Our Celebrity PR Services

As a contemporary celebrity PR firm, we fuse conventional methods with a digital approach. Taking advantage of a broad network of media connections and over 25 years of experience in the industry, we can promote your work and boost your profile through print media, radio and television.



The cornerstone of any successful celebrity PR strategy is positive press coverage. We secure both regional and national exposure in high-profile publications that are appropriate to your field, ensuring that our campaign is both wide-reaching and expertly targeted.


We can arrange interviews and features across both radio and television, giving you the chance to get your voice heard on a national scale. Thanks to our extensive network of media connections, we can secure airtime on globally visible platforms.


Our content team will collaborate with you to develop press releases that communicate and capture the essence of your professional work and personality. As an established celebrity PR agency, we’re able to reach some of the world’s most influential media outlets.

Celebrities We Work With

Our celebrity PR clients span from the worlds of television to food, sport to business. We’re open to working with celebrities from any field, adapting our campaigns to suit their individual needs.


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Our Digital Celebrity PR Services

The MN2S celebrity PR team has long-standing connections with outlets across the world of digital and online media. Our celebrity PR strategy encompasses every digital platform, from online publications to social media, podcasts to YouTube.



Any successful celebrity public relations effort must take advantage of the full range of digital media. We target influential publications and social media platforms to produce news stories, features and interviews that paint you in a positive light.


Our close relationships with a range of influencers across social media allow us to promote your work through the accounts of online personalities with a devoted following, using their authority and reach to boost your profile.


Being heard on popular podcasts and seen on major YouTube channels is one of the most effective ways to boost your profile. We can arrange these appearances, helping to build your audience and shape your perception within the digital landscape.

Our Celebrity PR Specialities

Unlike any other celebrity PR firm, our team is part of an international music and talent agency that’s been at the centre of the entertainment industry for 25 years. Drawing from decades of expertise and a diverse network of connections, we’re perfectly positioned to promote you and your work confidently, creatively and successfully.



MN2S isn’t only a celebrity PR agency, but also a talent booking agency with an extensive roster of famous names. We have a comprehensive network of connections with talent, brands and media that gives us opportunities and abilities that other celebrity PR firms simply don’t have.


Thanks to our contacts in the entertainment industry, we can arrange appearances at high-profile red-carpet events, premieres and award ceremonies, providing essential exposure while giving you the opportunity to associate yourself with other influential figures and famous names.


You know what they say: any publicity is good publicity. At MN2S, we disagree. If an unexpected event or sensitive situation occurs that requires celebrity PR crisis management, you can be sure we have the expertise, influence and discretion to ensure your reputation remains intact.

Why use us?

We’re not your average celebrity PR agency. Trusted by celebrities of all kinds to manage their public perception and positively shape their media presence, we provide an unmatched service that’s flexible, measured and responsive.



Dedicated to providing a personal service, we’re always here when you need us. Whether that means promoting your latest achievement or engaging in unexpected crisis management, we’ll always only be one phone call away and prepared to deal with any eventuality.


We carefully measure the reach and impact of every campaign we implement, across print, radio and digital media. This enables us to give you practical insights into the unrivalled value and fantastic returns you’ll receive from your investment in our PR services.


Our PR campaigns are designed to suit your specific needs. We craft individual proposals before taking on any client, clearly identifying your goals and outlining how we will meet them before we get started. As the campaign progresses, we’re able to adapt our approach if circumstances change.

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To discuss what you want your PR to achieve, fill out the enquiry form and one of our celebrity PR managers will contact you directly.

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How will I know what my PR campaign has achieved?

We monitor the media closely and will update you regularly on any confirmed coverage.  You will receive a detailed PR report every two weeks of the campaign. These reports will include information on the media outlets we approached and the feedback they gave us.

At the end of your campaign you will receive a clippings document with evidence of all the coverage the PR campaign achieved.

How do you charge for your PR services?

We charge a fixed fee for our PR services that we agree up front. This is calculated based on your objectives and the number of deliverables included in the campaign. Because all our work is tailored to what you want to achieve, we can design a PR package to fit your budget. Payment is made up front, at the start of each month of the campaign.

What types of businesses do you provide PR services for?

We provide traditional and digital PR services for music artists, DJs, record labels and celebrity personalities as well as variety of brands and businesses in the lifestyle, consumer goods and entertainment sectors.

Other Services

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