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Public relations strategies can be devised to achieve a variety of outcomes.

  • Raising money or awareness for a cause
  • Developing a relationship with potential investors
  • Building an artist’s profile
  • Attracting new customers to your brand
  • Shedding a positive light on bad publicity

MN2S offers many PR services to achieve your goals. With strong media relations and extensively researched PR strategies, we have what it takes to deliver significant PR results.

What’s the value of a good PR strategy?

A single PR campaign has the potential to create drastic change and is often a better option than executing a whole strategy. The Ice Bucket Challenge, for example, was a campaign that set out to raise money and awareness for ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). The challenge was simple — pour a bucket of ice water over your head, post a video of it online, and tag a friend to do the same. If they didn’t complete the challenge in 24 hours, they were prompted to donate $100 to the cause. The Ice Bucket challenge completely dominated the internet and raised over $98 million dollars for the ALS Association in just one month.

Obviously not all campaigns are as effective as the ice bucket challenge, but nevertheless it gives us a glimpse into the value of good PR. Some general public relations strategy examples are as follows: using media outlets to promote a tour, publishing news stories that boost your search engine results, or partnering with an influencer to increase sales of a product. Our PR services team can help you determine what you need, or if you already know, help you carry it out. We’ve combined our knowledge and experience with specialized services in music PR, consumer PR, celebrity PR, and music events PR, to provide the best service to a wide range of clients.

How does MN2S implement PR strategies?

To help a client use media outlets to promote a tour, we would focus on press coverage or TV appearances. These are part of our traditional PR services and offer many tactics that can be used for a variety of purposes.Perhaps we could find this artist an opportunity to appear on screen and tell viewers about their tour, place an ad in the newspapers of cities where they’ll be performing, or run a feature on a radio station of the same genre. The media is an incredibly useful and versatile PR tool.

Some of the other traditional PR services we offer include speaking opportunities and industry events, because sometimes all that’s needed is to be noticed by the right people. We are skilled at identifying and securing the events that will put our clients in front of these people. We can also help independent businesses achieve sponsorship endeavors, like getting an endorsement or a sponsorship deal, by developing strong relationships with brands that complement their own.

Aside from traditional outlets, MN2S also uses online strategies to provide digital PR services relating to social media, influencer relationships, and blog/podcast outreach, the latter of which is similar to press coverage but targets blogs and podcasts rather than live radio. In the age of technology, digital PR is becoming increasingly useful.

Clients might recruit our online PR and social media departments for a variety of reasons, helping them appear in more search results or to have those results be more relevant. If the services of both teams are engaged, the PR team would work with our social media team to create and publish the appropriate content to boost the client’s online presence. No matter your budget or desired outcome, a solid venture into PR might be the missing ingredient you, your music or your brand needs to reach the audience you deserve.

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