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Musiio CEO Hazel Savage interviewed for TechRound


26 October 2021

Musiio CEO Hazel Savage interviewed for TechRound

Co-founder and CEO of Musiio Hazel Savage sat down with TechRound to discuss her path to launching one of the music industry’s…

DJ Paulette elected to the North of England Regional Committee for the Musicians’ Union


25 October 2021

DJ Paulette elected to the North of England Regional Committee for the Musicians’ Union

The veteran house DJ and MN2S artist has joined the North of England Regional Committee for the Musicians’ Union. DJ Paulette has…

Onyx Recordings are Beatport’s Hype Label of the Month


22 October 2021

Onyx Recordings are Beatport’s Hype Label of the Month

The leading drum ‘n’ bass label and MN2S Label Services client has been highlighted by Beatport as their Hype Label of The…


How to Geo Target on Social Media

Geo targeting isn’t a simple process, but it can make a huge impact to your popularity, presence and public perception, translating into substantial improvements in brand equity and brand value.


Facebook Geo Targeting

The techniques used in Facebook geo targeting range from the simple to the advanced: some are available free of charge, and some form part of the options behind Facebook’s promoted posts and ads. To utilise Facebook geo targeting effectively, it’s best to use the advanced location targeting features available as part of Facebook Ads Manager, which allows you to geo target your ads to Facebook users in specific regions.

Instagram Geo Targeting

Social media targeting on Instagram works similarly to Facebook geo targeting. By using Instagram for Business, brands, artists and influencers can direct their content to whichever regions or demographics they choose, using ads on both stories and posts, including options for videos, carousels and collections. Instagram targeting can be just as effective as Facebook geo targeting.

Twitter Geo Targeting

Much like Instagram and Facebook geo targeting, social media targeting on Twitter is a useful way to reach a specific group of people that you’ve identified as likely to respond positively to your content. Like Instagram, Twitter’s geo targeting is part of their Twitter for Business offering, enabling users to reach both specific and broad audiences segmented by location, gender, language and age.

What Is Geo Targeting in Social Media?

Geo targeting is one of the most effective tools in any social media manager’s arsenal, allowing them to direct their content to specific regions and territories that are most relevant to their client’s needs. Social media targeting also allows artists, celebrities, brands and businesses to control where their posts are seen, enabling them to reach a targeted audience or demographic. Geo targeting in social media can be used by individuals, but is most frequently utilised by social media professionals handling multiple accounts for clients.

Social Media Geo Targeting

Why Is Geo Targeting on Social Media so Effective?

Social media geo targeting can help build your presence and boost your profile where you need it the most. For an artist, this can help to grow an audience in a country or region where their music is less popular – alternatively, it can spread the news about their latest release or concert in specifically targeted areas where they have an established fanbase. Tools used in geo targeting can also aim for specific age ranges, genders, languages, and interests, making social media targeting an incredibly effective and fundamental aspect of any successful social media strategy for an artist, musician or band.


The same principles apply for celebrities, brands and businesses. Using advanced geo targeting tools, MN2S can ensure that the posts on our clients’ accounts are visible in the regions that they’d like to improve their presence and popularity, while reaching a carefully defined demographic that’s tailored to their promotional goals. This can have a range of positive benefits, spanning from the general to the highly specific: social media targeting can be used to increase overall notability and awareness of a public figure, or to promote products and services in a precisely defined area that’s relevant to the nature of the brand. We work with our clients to discuss which territories – national, regional or local – will have the optimum effect on reach and engagement and aid in achieving the ultimate goals of our social media campaign.



Do you manage social media advertising campaigns?

Yes, we can manage your social media advertising on any social media channel, including Facebook.

Do you manage social media for businesses?

Yes we do. Besides managing social media for music artists, DJs, record labels and celebrity personalities, we also work with a variety of brands and businesses, mainly, but not exclusively in the lifestyle and entertainment sectors.

Do you run one-off social media campaigns?

Yes we do, we don’t just do ongoing social media management.  If you want to promote a specific event or need social media support on a PR campaign we can provide the social media aspect. We often work closely with our own PR division to manage the social media aspect of their campaigns.

Clients We’ve Worked with Around the World

Our social media management team has worked with a spectrum of clients from India, to Atlanta, to India, to London, using social media targeting to achieve engagement in regions that reflect the goals of their campaign.

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