MN2S has partnered rugby star Paul O’Connell with Gillette. In the first of an ongoing series of collaborations, O’Connell stars in a motivational piece about being a role model and making the world a better place.

Legendary rugby player Paul O’Connell has undoubtedly been a role model to countless fans. The Limerick native has just kicked off an ongoing partnership with Gillette for a campaign that will focus on role models, gratitude, and inspiration, centred around the hashtag #MadeOfWhatMatters. The first video, posted in celebration of Father’s Day, features O’Connell sharing a heartfelt message about his past and how he acts as a successful role model to children.

The video begins with O’Connell acknowledging the inevitable setbacks and difficulties we all face in life. As a widely recognized role model and inspiration to others, O’Connell mentions that many expect their role models to be perfect. However, he believes that it’s important to show children these setbacks so they can be resilient and one day reach their true potential. Additionally, he discusses the importance of giving kids positive reinforcements, especially considering that many children have low self-esteem and don’t have a strong support system.

One of the most-capped players in rugby union history, Paul O’Connell is most known for his stint with Munster Rugby from 2001-2015. He also found considerable success with the Irish national team, winning the Six Nations Championship three times. Following his retirement, he has held coaching positions and currently works as a commentator for BBC Sport.

“If you can influence how young people behave by your actions, by what you say, by how you speak to people, by how you treat people…I think it’s a great opportunity to make the world a better place.”

Paul O’Connell

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