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Learn These Six Great Snacks To Whip Up For Watching The Six Nations

The first few months of the year can be somewhat dull, with everyone on a tight budget and a restrictive diet – luckily there’s a light on the horizon! The Six Nations tournament starts on February 4th this year and there’s a full complement of fixtures all the way through until March 18th.

It’s an annual event in which six of the best rugby playing nations take on each other, playing each of the five other nations in the contest over the course of a month and a half. The tournament is a successor to the Five Nations, which ran up until 1999 – this in turn succeeded from the Home Nations Championship, the first international Rugby Union tournament.

Everyone knows that watching sport is hungry business, so if you’re inviting guests round to watch the Six Nations you’ll need snacks on hand. We’ve got recipes for six snack foods you can whip up in a jiffy – one from each of the nations involved in the tournament.

England – Mini fish & chips

 Mini-fish-chips mn2s

There’s not a lot more traditionally English than a good old fashioned portion of fish & chips, and it’s a bit of a crowd-pleaser too. These mini servings of fish & chips are the perfect party food if you’re catering to lots of England fans! For extra patriotism, serve them wrapped in a miniature cone of newspaper instead of a glass.

Scotland – Smoked salmon rotollos

Though many in Scotland are fond of a deep-fried mars bar it’s a country with a rich and varied culinary tradition – especially of seafood. These smoked salmon rotollos can be made with Scottish salmon and look much more complicated than they are – they’re a doddle to prepare in advance.

Wales – Mini Welsh rarebits

They’re so much more than posh cheese on toast – these mini Welsh rarebits also incorporate flavours of ale and worcester sauce making them a truly delicious savoury treat. A twist on tradition sees these served with pear and walnut, but it’s a match made in heaven that you and your guests are sure to enjoy.

France –  Baked camembert

baked camembert mn2s

When it comes to fuss free party food you can’t get much more simple than a baked camembert – and it’s always a treat. Serve your baked camembert fresh out of the oven with some fresh French bread and sliced fruit.

Italy – Antipasti skewers

These antipasti skewers are authentic, Italian and most importantly, extremely tasty. Put them together a few hours before your guests arrive and just whip them out of the fridge when the moment arises. It’s worth making a few different combinations of skewers to cater for vegetarians and anyone who might dislike certain elements of the skewers.

Ireland – Chocolate Guinness Cake

chocolate guinness cake mn2s

No spread is complete without something sweet to complete it, and this chocolate guinness cake is the ultimate indulgence. Rich and sticky, it’s everything a good cake should be – so don’t expect to have any leftovers!

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