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Sonia Deol has been under the skin of the UK’s media landscape for almost 20 years, starting her career with the BBC and growing a strong fanbase over the years.

Now living in Canada, the Brit has plenty of great anecdotes and interesting stories about life in the media. She’s a great choice of motivational speaker and her wealth of experience means that she’s sure to be interesting to a wide range of audiences. If you’re interested in booking her for an event, get in touch with her celebrity agents at MN2S, where she’s on the talent roster.

Not quite convinced yet? Read on to find out more about this impressive woman:


Starting early

Sonia’s first foray into the world of radio broadcasting came at the tender age of just 14, when she presented a one-off show on BBC West Midlands to raise funds for Comic Relief. After graduating from university in 1994, she went on to join Sunrise Radio, the world’s first 24/7 Asian radio station which was then around a decade old.


Big break

In 2000, Deol had her big break in the form of a job as a newsreader and presenter with BBC London. Once she had her foot in the door at the BBC, Deol soon became a firm favourite, and was offered her own show on the BBC Asian Network when it relaunched in 2002. Previously a regional station, the new BBC Asian Network was a national station and now boasts around 600,000 regular listeners.


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Established Presenter

Sonia Deol’s show featured a phone in and discussion of current affairs, making it one of the more serious items on the schedule for the network. Deol quickly established herself as an important voice and became a fixture on the Asian Networks programming. She tackled issues as diverse as a visit to England by the Bangladeshi Cricket Team and the headscarf ban in France.

Over the course of her varied career she became known for bringing a more diverse audience to the Asian Network and for her incisive and interesting coverage of news and current affairs. A household name in many South Asian households, her occasional forays onto the BBC’s other channels have also made her recognisable to people across the UK.

She’s a fascinating person with a unique insight into the British media and an ideal after dinner speaker – get in touch with MN2S to find out more about booking her.


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