Is MN2S taking on new artists? Who should I contact?

As music agents looking for talent, we are always interested to hear from both established and up-and-coming musicians, vocalists and DJs who need a booking agent.

We know that there are many music agents in London to choose from. What sets us apart is our global network of event promoters, our connections in the music production and music distribution industries, and our highly efficient logistics and administrative teams. They are critical to smooth events, and getting our artists paid on time.

If you are interested in working with us, submit your demo to Rather than send us the demo as an email attachment, please send us a link where we can view or download the demo.

We receive dozens of enquiries and new demos each day, so the more comprehensive your introduction email, the better the chance you have of standing out. In your email, include any reviews, details of radio plays, and a list of the events that you have played.

Due to the high number of submissions we receive, we can’t guarantee a response.

As entertainment booking agents, what services and support do you provide me as an artist?

We manage bookings and identify opportunities for all the artists on our rosters, and we will market you to our global network of event promoters. With connections in more than 100 countries, and a detailed knowledge of the venues, festivals and events that exist, we target our promotions according to your sound and your ambitions.

As musicians’ agents, we deal with all the logistics related to your booking. This includes flights, transfers to and from the airport, accommodation and visas. We also make sure that all technical and hospitality requirements are clearly set out as a part of the booking contract.

Our booking agents negotiate fair fees on your behalf, and ensure that you are paid promptly. In most cases you will receive 50% of your total fee at least one month before the performance. You will receive the balance payment the day after the performance. These payments will be made directly into your bank account.

We do not provide tour managers, but the agents in our entertainment agency’s London offices are on hand to help deal with any emergencies. For example, if a flight is delayed or you miss a flight, we will help you to organize an alternative and adjust the rest of your itinerary.

Do you only include UK and US artists on your rosters?

We will be happy to consider adding you to our roster no matter where you are based. We currently manage bookings for DJs and live music artists from many different countries.

We started as a DJ booking agency in the late 1990s, but rapidly evolved into a music agent for London and the UK, and then into a global music management agency. Today, we are booking agents for rappers, DJs, bands and vocalists. Our artists represent more than 40 genres of music, from acid house to world, and everything in between.

On our rosters we have internationally known artists and DJs, some of whom have been established for years. Alongside them we have up-and-coming artists who are being spoken about on underground music scenes, or who are just breaking into the mainstream. We like to keep our rosters diverse and we regularly sign and promote new artists.

We also have a talent roster of sports, media and entertainment personalities who are available to hire for personal appearances, media engagements, PR and endorsement campaigns.

We are most definitely not just artists agents for the UK and US. If you are looking for a new international booking agent, contact us.



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