The jungle legend stepped in to BBC Radio London’s studio for a live interview and freestyle.

‘The Scene with Aurie Style’ uncovers London’s diverse culture and emerging talent every Monday on BBC Radio. The show was graced on 15th April with the presence of jungle royalty General Levy, a true veteran of the UK’s urban music scene and one of the country’s most in-demand MCs.


General Levy’s new single ‘Nah Give Up The Fight’, a collaboration with Jamaican artist Ilements, is out now. Check out the video below.

General Levy doubled down on his radio coverage last week with an appearance on FUBAR Radio alongside Mikill Pane and special guest co-host Grim Sickers. Levy proved a hit with the FUBAR team, and has since been named one of their all-time favourite guests.

In other news, General Levy is kicking off a UK tour surrounding the anniversary of his most famous tune, “Incredible”. Later this year.

Check out the full show here.

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