Music industry legend David Rodigan welcomed General Levy on to his BBC Radio 1xtra earlier this month to talk all things “Jah Jah Guide and Protect” and hear about his journey to where he is today.

In a meeting of two of the UK’s most influential musical minds, radio DJ and reggae titan David Rodigan MBE interviewed General Levy on BBC Radio 1Xtra last week. Talking about the General’s latest single, “Jah Jah Guide and Protect”, Rodigan questioned Levy about his journey from humble beginnings to become one of jungle’s most notable vocalists and a British musical icon. This year marks the 25th anniversary of his most famous recording, the genre-defining jungle track ‘Incredible’, produced by M-Beat.

Check out the full interview on BBC Sounds.

“Whatever you’re on I want a pint of it!”

David Rodigan on General Levy

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