The GBBO finalist contributed this “outrageously, unapologetically, indulgently delicious” recipe to GQ over the Easter Weekend.

Check out Ruby’s recipe via the GQ website.

The Easter weekend may be over but this recipe is perfect to be enjoyed all year round. In her fifth recipe for the men’s magazine this year, Ruby once again showcases why she was the people’s favourite contestant on Channel 4’s Great British Bake Off last summer, showcasing her wit, charm and undeniable baking talent. Her latest GQ offering combines chocolate, ginger, vanilla, and more chocolate to make a delicious bake that’s perfect for sharing with family, friends and colleagues – or just eating by yourself!

Check out Ruby’s mouth watering GQ Valentines day bake – here

“OK, so I know I say this a lot, but this one – this one – is most definitely my favourite recipe so far. Why? Aside from being outrageously, unapologetically, indulgently delicious, it is also the one that can be easily modified to suit taste.”

You can find more of Ruby’s creations on her Instagram page.

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