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As the MN2S agency enters 2023, we’re taking a look back at some of the biggest brand partnerships and bookings that defined our year as an internationally renowned talent agency.

Is MN2S a legitimate talent agency? Yes, MN2S is a trusted and legitimate talent agency headed up by respected professionals with over 25 years of experience in the music and entertainment industries. MN2S has worked with brands and talent from all over the world, providing an unmatched service to every client we engage with.

Harry Redknapp partners with Specsavers

Harry Redknapp has been partnered with Specsavers for a campaign surrounding the UK’s “worst performing football team”. As part of the campaign, Redknapp has taken on the challenge of helping Swansea club Cwm Albion reverse their losing streak of 22 games, which has led to them being named as the country’s “best worst team” by Specsavers. Redknapp has starred in a web series entitled There’s More To Cwm that follows his efforts to revive the struggling, 100-year-old Welsh club. Speaking to Sky News about the campaign, Redknapp said that “the team’s 191-goal difference certainly caught my eye, but after meeting the lads, you can’t doubt their determination. They’re a real close unit, and their hard work is already starting to pay off, with the lads securing their first win in three years in their latest match.” Dan Gill, the team’s manager, said having Redknapp take on the team was “the biggest thing to have happened to our club since I joined when I was 16 years old”.

Lamar Odom partners with Home Title Lock

Lamar Odom has partnered with Home Title Lock for a new campaign surrounding a promotional offer on their TripleLock Title Fraud Protection. In a video shared to his social media channels (embedded below) Lamar tells his followers that he was a victim of home title fraud in the past, and encourages anyone concerned about the risk of being defrauded to take advantage of Home Title Lock’s 10% discount offer. “Don’t let what happened to me happen to you – protect your home with Home Title Lock. It’s your security blanket for your most valuable asset,” Lamar says. Lamar Odom is a former NBA star and reality TV personality: his career highlights include winning two NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. Off the court, Lamar’s journey has been marked by personal challenges and triumphs, and he has inspired fans with his resilience and determination.

Chuck Norris partners with Deleks

Chuck Norris has been teamed up with agricultural and forestry brand DELEKS by MN2S. Chuck has partnered with DELEKS on an ad campaign surrounding the brand’s M100SE mini excavator. The ad, embedded below, features Chuck endorsing the excavator and urging viewers, “choose DELEKS to be just like me, Chuck Norris.” “If the mountain doesn’t go to Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris knocks it away,” the ad description reads. “You, on the other hand, are better off relying on our M100SE mini excavator.” DELEKS is a leading brand in agricultural and industrial machinery, renowned for its innovative solutions. With a commitment to quality, durability, and performance, DELEKS empowers professionals worldwide to achieve superior results in their farming and industrial operations.

Arnold Schwarzenegger partners with World of Tanks

Arnold Schwarzenegger has teamed up with Wargaming to promote World of Tanks, a massively multiplayer online action game based around virtual tank warfare. Arnold will be participating in a special in-game activity that sees the M47 Iron Arnie Tank (pictured below) made available in both World of Tanks and spin-off game World of Tanks: Modern Armor at a 30% discount and promoted through in-game notifications and social media posts.

Gordon Ramsay partners with Borealis Foods

Michelin-starred chef and television personality Gordon Ramsay has partnered with food tech brand Borealis Foods, joining the company as an advisor, strategic partner and brand ambassador. Borealis are the brand behind Chef Woo Ramen, the world’s first plant-based ramen noodle product. The company’s founder and CEO Reza Soltanzadeh has said that Ramsay’s partnership will help the brand advance their goals and build momentum around their mission to help consumers access nutritious, high-protein meals at an affordable price point. Speaking about the partnership, Ramsay said he was “looking forward” to collaborating with the Borealis Foods team on their Chef Woo products. “With the current cost-of-living crisis on everyone’s minds and rising food prices being a world-wide problem, now more than ever, households across America face the very real issue of food insecurity,” Ramsay continued. “In conversation with Reza, I discovered we share a similar vision on how important it is to make nutritious and delicious options that are readily available, and more importantly, affordable.” 

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