DJ Eldon selected DJ Spen’s latest release and Crystal Waters collaboration as one of his “stay-at-home DJ picks”.

DJ Spen recently celebrated the 200th release on his own label, Unquantize, with a red-hot vocal house cut that featured none other than house music legend Crystal Waters, best known for the classic tune “Gypsy Woman”. After flying to the top of the Beatport chart, the track has dominated the house music scene in the weeks since its release. No surprise, then, that it’s popped up in one of the most influential music magazines on the planet: Billboard. Chosen by deep house aficionado DJ Eldon as part one of his Stay-at-home DJ Picks, “Party People” was described as “the perfect summer beach or pool party anthem”. We may not be able to hit the beach just yet, but luckily for us, DJ Spen is bringing the party to living rooms across the globe.

“With clubs closed across the country and Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart on hiatus, we’re asking reporting club DJs what they’ve been listening to lately, while at home, of course.”


Check out the full article on Billboard’s website.

“DJ Spen is an institution in house music production […] and he pulls out all the stops with Crystal Waters. The track features that distinctive and classic Crystal Waters vocal. This feels like the perfect summer beach or pool party anthem to me. I can’t wait to play it in that setting.”

DJ Eldon

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