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Akcent is at the moment an international number one pop-dance phenomenon, being acclaimed not only in Romania but also from India and Pakistan to the US and beyond!

After their debut in 2001, Akcent has released no less than 7 albums, plus 3 international chart topping issues entitled ‘French Kiss,’ ‘King of Disco’ and ‘That’s my Name’, that included their  international smash hits ‘Kylie’, ‘Jokero’ and others. They are one of the most acclaimed bands of the moment, crossing cultural borders into all 4 point of the Globe – from the North (Sweden) to the South (Bulgaria, Turkey), West (France, Netherlands) and even to the East, all the way to Russia, heating up the atmosphere in freezing Siberia.

International super hits “Stay with me” and “That’s my name” become Akcent trademarks in Romania and abroad, this time reaching all the way to Pakistan, India, Europe, the US and Egypt.

My Passion, with its super sensual video, captured audiences all over the globe, selling millions of ringtones in Asia and generating hundreds of local and international concerts and gigs. With tens of millions of Youtube views, it became a viral sensation.

Influenced by their Arabian success, in 2012 they released a love declaration whispered both in Arabian and English. ‘I’m Sorry’ is a collaboration with a sizzling sexy female voice, accented by oriental and modern dance beats. As the track is very well received and concerts and tour offers come every day, the guys might just prepare a surprise for their middle-eastern fans – a follow up for ‘I’m Sorry’!

As if all that weren’t enough, Akcent recently embarked on their first ever-American tour with gigs in the hippest clubs in New York and Chicago – The Mid and System Dance Club. Thousands of party people danced until the very break of dawn in a place that has seen only the best, from Tiesto to Robyn Rivera. As ‘My Passion’ is growing right now on the American frequencies, the band is expected to become a full fleshed hit maker over the Ocean. Their super fresh look, toped off with their specific dance vibes mesmerizes audiences and creates a real craze for this super hip Romanian musical act.

Their most recent Romanian hit is ‘Chimie intre noi’, the video telling the story of a pure love between two kids. The key of their happiness is being held by none others that the three guys themselves.

For this fall, Akcent are ready to reinvent the band, after the leaving of Sorin Brotnei and Mihai Gruia.

‘Taking part in the Akcent adventure, it has been the most exciting and electrifying venture of our lives – a true blessing.

The past 14 years have been a quest for heaven – we had the unique chance to visit places we only dreamt of, bond with the most amazing people all over the world, learning to respect each and every one of you and sing in front of the best friends we could have ever imagined. All of this we owe you, our fans and friends all over the world.

I deeply hope you are aware of all the great moments in our career – every success, every fall back, every crazy fun moment we spent with you!

This is why I want to make sure that you heard it from me first – as of today, Akcent starts a new chapter with a new formula and I will continue to surprise you with new music and performances.’, said Adrian in an official statement.

This fall, Akcent is ready to take the charts by storm with a brand new single. ‘Boracay’ is a collaboration with Sandra N and has a sexy oriental flavor that will make you press ‘replay’.

The song was produced by Adrian and combines the oriental sound with some light summer vacation vibes.

Sandra N worked with Adi also at his international hit – ‘Angel’, that was number one on some of the most important radio stations in Russia, France, Spain, Lebannon and not only.

Each time they release a track, they make tens of millions of online views. Each time they announce a concert they mobilize thousands of fans all over the world. Each and every Akcent Facebook post has tens and thousands of comments and likes. Akcent took over the world and are a pop force to be feared, combining a sexy image with melodic and catchy tunes.


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