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Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, brothers Ben and Louis Helliker-Hales are Chaos In the CBD.

A longstanding DJ/production duo, the brothers write and DJ emotionally sophisticated club music with an exuberant party edge. Working with motifs drawn from a historical continuum of house music which stretches back well into the eighties, the brothers fold influence abstracted from RnB, pop and beyond into the mix. Inspired by legendary figures like Todd Edwards, Moodymann, and Thomas Bangalter, they create slow burning beat ballads which pay homage to the timeless classics of dance.

Children of the late eighties and early nineties, Chaos In The CBD came of age in the thick of the Internet era. Fluent in the coded vernacular of private message boards and social media channels, their artistry exists within a hyperlinked, hyper-networked World Wide Web of like-minded music makers and DJs. More unified by taste and aesthetics than language or nationality, within the disparate-yet-connected bass archipelagos the brothers sail though, the physicality of the dance floor unites all.

Originally hailing from a band background, since making the transition into the electronic realm, Chaos In The CBD have been rewarded with enthused newspaper, magazine, website, radio coverage and DJ support, both at home and abroad. Alongside this has come a series of well loved releases through Youngunz (France), Southern Fried Records (London) and commissioned remix work for producers Canblaster, Kastle, Savage Skulls, French Fries and Manare.

Having been an established force on the New Zealand DJ circuit for several years now, in 2011, Chaos In The CBD headed to Europe to take part in their first tour of France. At present they are assembling new EP releases for Youngunz, ClekClekBoom (France) and Amadeus Records (Canada) and networking towards future northern hemisphere DJ appearances and releases.

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